Finding car insurance in Missouri after a DUI

A Missouri DUI can result in an average 64% increase in your car insurance premiums, compared with the 87% national increase. Although the local cost is lower than the national, 63% is still significant. Finding the right car insurance for Missouri after a DUI conviction could be difficult because of the high cost. If a Missouri DUI or DWI conviction has been made, higher prices may not be the only obstacle to affordable car insurance. There is also a chance of running into companies that refuse to work with high-risk drivers and drivers may end up needing more auto insurance than they think.

Missouri has DWI laws

Missouri DWI laws consider blood alcohol concentrations (BAC) of .08% to cause legal impairment, leading to potential DWIs if a driver goes on to operate a vehicle. There are two major types of laws: administrative and criminal. The first deals with tickets that have been issued. The second focuses on blood alcohol levels and whether or not you submit to a BAC test. A ticket could result in your license being suspended or revoked, and may also add points to your driving record. However, the administrative law states that a driver license may be either suspended or revoked if their BAC is over the legal limit and they have had a prior alcohol-related incident on their five-year driving record, independent of how the ticket plays out.

Like many states, Missouri penalizes DUI and DWI violations more when they are repeat offenses. The first offense has a 90-day suspension requirement, with jail time of up to six months and fines up to $1,000. The second offense can result in a five year license revocation, $2,000 in fines, and up to one year in jail. The third offense can result in a 10-year license suspension, $10,000 in fines, and up to four years imprisonment. These offenses must be committed within five years of one another. In addition to these penalties, there are also fees and steps required for the reinstatement of a suspended or revoked license.

While the Missouri DWI penalty may feel steep to some, it is important to compare them to some of the more daunting statistics around drunk driving. Drunk driving is not only costly for Missouri drivers, but also affects the entire nation. Drunk driving causes more than 10,000 deaths each year. Between fatalities and damages, drunk driving costs approximately $44 billion annually. Seeing the effects of these events makes it easier to see the penalties and consequences.

What does a DWI mean for your Missouri car insurance?

One of the consequences of a DWI in Missouri is an increase in your auto insurance rates. Missouri’s average car insurance rate goes up 64% following a DWI conviction. This compares to the 87% national average. Insurance companies determine the financial risk of each customer when pricing policies. Insurance companies will often consider a DUI/DWI conviction a high-risk driver and raise rates accordingly. This is because people convicted of DUI or DWI are on average more likely to cause or be involved with auto accidents than others.

The difficulties don’t end there. There are a few things that can happen to your car insurance if you have been convicted of DUI. To reflect the increased risk, the state might require the driver convicted of DUI to have a higher minimum limit. Some car insurance companies might deny coverage. Sometimes, the driver’s current insurance company may extend coverage until it expires. If that happens, they might refuse to renew the policy. If convicted of DUI, it is important to shop for car insurance.

After a DWI, you can find car insurance in Missouri

Missouri drivers may still be able to get car insurance, even though it may be more expensive and difficult after a DWI conviction. The table above highlights five of the larger auto insurance companies that tend to offer policies to some high-risk drivers, including those with a DWI conviction. These rates are an average and may vary from customer to customer. These companies have scored highly on metrics such as the J.D. The Power report. They also hold a significant share of the automotive industry market. This means that customers can get insurance from these insurers after a DWI, but it is usually more expensive. However, they are well-positioned and capable of providing quality coverage.

Shopping around and comparing quotes is always important when looking for insurance, but quote comparisons become especially useful when looking for affordable car insurance after a DWI. These companies may offer discounts you might be eligible for. Much like getting quotes from multiple companies to find the best rates for you, comparing eligible discounts between companies could help you keep your car insurance rates down.

Questions frequently asked

What will a DWI in Missouri do to my criminal record?

In Missouri, DWI and DUI convictions stay on criminal records for at least 10 years. Drivers may be able to erase the conviction after 10 years. It will not be on your record if you are not convicted or the charge is dismissed.

After a DWI, which is the best auto insurance company?

It can be difficult to choose the best company because there are so many factors. People convicted of DWI might benefit from choosing auto insurance companies that have a history of working closely with high-risk drivers. Consider starting with the companies known to offer car insurance for drivers with a DUI.

What amount of car insurance do you need to cover a DWI in Missouri

You will have to meet minimum state requirements for coverage. Due to a DUI conviction, you might be required to have a greater limit of liability.