Finding car insurance in Nevada after a DUI


Las Vegas, also known by the name Sin City, is one of Nevada’s most popular tourist destinations. While the state’s nightlife is a major draw for drivers, it also comes with its own risks such as a DUI conviction33% of the 330 traffic-related fatalities in the state were caused by drunk drivers.

Nevada DUI Blitzes are a common way for Las Vegas to make drunk driving arrests. A blitz is basically a police checkpoint that’s placed in busy areas to identify drivers who are drinking or using other substances, and putting others at risk. Nevada DUI/DUI charges can be very costly. Vehicle insurance premiums could be the largest expense for drivers convicted of DUI in Nevada.

An insurance perspective, a DUI in Nevada can be very expensive. The average DUI cost for Nevada after a DUI conviction is $3892 per annum, which is 73% higher than the pre-DUI rate of $2,245. It doesn’t matter if you are a Nevada resident or visitor, knowing the severity of a Nevada DUI conviction could help save you thousands in legal fees, fines, and car insurance rates.

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Nevada DUI laws

A DWI or DUI can be classified as impaired driving in most states due to a legally-defined threshold for blood alcohol. In Nevada, however, a DUI is a conviction for alcohol. The type of driver will determine the blood alcohol level that causes a DUI in Nevada. Commercial drivers have a blood alcohol limit of.04%. Any other driver who has a BAC greater than.08% is considered to be in violation.

Officers may charge drivers with DUI even if they are not above the legal limit. If they suspect you of being impaired, an officer could arrest you for having a lower blood alcohol reading. A DUI in Nevada is not only for alcohol consumption. This state also makes it illegal to drive if you are using controlled or prohibited substances.

Nevada DUI Penalty can be divided into two parts: the criminal and license-related portions. The following are the criminal penalties for being convicted of DUI in Nevada:

  • A two-day or more sentence in jail with an arrest depending on the severity of the charge.
  • Service to the community
  • Your vehicle will then be impounded
  • You could be fined $400-$1000
  • A bill for the $60 chemical test fee
  • A substance abuse treatment program or DUI school
  • Participating in a victim impact panel
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Driver license suspension or revocation may also be a result of DUI. There are a number of fees associated with the suspension/revocation:

  • Reinstatement fee: $121
  • Victims compensation (civil penalty): $35
  • Retest fee for driver’s license: $26
  • Fee for driver’s license: $42.25
  • A three-year SR-22 Certificate of Liability Insurance.

A DUI can have major consequences, as you can see. The increase in car insurance premiums is one of the biggest financial consequences. Driving records in Nevada will be permanently sealed if convicted of DUI. This could have a long-lasting impact on insurance premiums.

What a DUI can do to your Nevada car insurance

DUI convictions in most states will result in an increase in car insurance premiums. Carriers use criteria to determine high risk drivers. They often increase rates to compensate for this extra risk. Teens and young drivers are most affected by car insurance premiums.

A provider might deny coverage to drivers who have been convicted of DUI. These cases may require you to look for alternative coverage. Drivers with a DUI will see nearly twice the annual increase in their insurance rates if they renew their policy from the same carrier.

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After a Nevada DUI, you can find car insurance

Rates could rise sharply if a carrier fails to notify drivers about a cancellation or nonrenewal after a DUI conviction. Drivers convicted of DUI should get quotes from several carriers to find lower coverage. Below is a table that shows how vehicle coverage levels can differ from one carrier. This can add up to hundreds of dollars each year.

Questions frequently asked

What will a Nevada DUI do to my criminal record?

A Nevada DUI conviction will stay on your criminal record for the rest of your life, and on your driving record for ten years. It can have a significant impact on your career prospects and other areas of your life, depending on how severe the conviction was. Your car insurance premiums may remain high even years after conviction.

What happens if I refuse to take an alcohol test?

A Nevada DUI blitz can lead to your driver’s licence being suspended for one year if you refuse to take a chemical test, which is typically blood, urine, or breath.

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If my DUI is cleared in Nevada, will my driver’s licence be reinstated?

Your license will not be automatically restored even if the Nevada DUI charges are dropped or reduced. You will have to apply again for a driver’s license and pass all requirements, including a written, vision, and skills test.