Finding car insurance in Rhode Island after a DUI

In Rhode Island, there were 25 alcohol-related traffic deaths in 2018. You could face serious penalties if you’re caught driving while under the influence of drugs and alcohol in Rhode Island.

Drivers convicted of DUI in Rhode Island will see their car insurance rates rise by an average 83%. This is less than the national average increase, which is 99%. It can be difficult to find an affordable policy after a DWI conviction in Rhode Island.

Rhode Island has DUI laws

DUI laws are strictly enforced in Rhode Island. A misdemeanor is a charge for anyone who is pulled over for driving while your BAC is higher than.08. A first DWI offense will result in a $100-$300 fine, 10-60 hours community service, and possibly a drug safety course. You could also face up to one-year imprisonment.

Your license may be suspended for at least 30 days after a Rhode Island DWI offense. It can also be suspended up to 180 days. Your sentencing judge will determine if you are required to install an ignition lock system in your vehicle.

The cost for a DUI in Rhode Island is higher than in other states. Drivers with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of.15 or more at the time they are arrested face harsher punishments. Rhode Island has a zero tolerance policy. This means that drivers younger than 21 years will face the most severe consequences if they are charged with a DUI/DWI.

What a DUI can do to your Rhode Island car insurance

High-priced car insurance rates can result from a DUI in Rhode Island. Your car insurance premium will skyrocket if you are convicted of a Rhode Island DUI. After a DUI conviction, your car insurance premium will increase an average 83%. Your rate will rise even further if you are convicted of more DUIs in Rhode Island.

A DUI can cause car insurance rates to rise because you are considered a high risk driver. Driving while impaired is dangerous and puts other drivers at risk. Your insurance company may raise your rate until your driving record is clear.

It is possible for your insurance company to decide not renew your policy after you have been convicted of a DUI. You might find that not all insurance companies will approve policies with a DUI record. We recommend that you look for non-standard auto insurance companies.

After a Rhode Island DUI, it is possible to find car insurance.

A DWI in Rhode Island can result in your insurance coverage being cancelled. There are several ways to save money on insurance. Find an insurance company that offers competitive rates to drivers with a clean driving record. Below is a list of car insurance companies that will provide coverage for Rhode Island residents with a DUI. Also included is their average annual premium.

You can also find affordable auto insurance after a DUI by taking advantage of discounts on your car insurance, paying your annual premium fully, increasing your deductible, signing for automatic payments, improving credit scores, and enrolling in approved defensive driving courses.

Questions frequently asked

What will a DUI in Rhode Island do to my criminal record?

A DUI conviction in Rhode Island will be permanent and listed as a misdemeanor even if it is only one. Although the incident will eventually cease to impact your car insurance rates, it will not disappear completely from your criminal record.

What is the SR-22 Insurance?

Rhode Island is the only state that doesn’t require drivers to buy SR-22 insurance if they are convicted of DUI. In July 2018, , the state abolished SR-22s.

Do I need a lawyer if I have been charged with a DWI in Rhode Island

After a DWI, the decision to hire a lawyer is yours. Although you are not required to hire a lawyer after a DWI, it is helpful to have someone who can help you navigate the process and also represent you in court. You may be able to hire a public attorney if you don’t want to hire one.