Finding car insurance in Washington, D.C. after a DWI

High-risk drivers are those who have a DUI/DWI on their records. This results in higher auto insurance premiums. A DWI conviction in Washington, D.C. could result in an average 47% increase in car insurance premiums. This is less than the $1,622 annual increase, or 99%, but drivers can expect a significant increase if they have a DUI/DWI on driving records.

Washington, D.C. DUI laws

Washington, D.C. drivers can be charged with a driving while intoxicated penalty for having a blood alcohol content (BAC) below.07% and showing impairment after a structured field sobriety exam. Driving while intoxicated (DWI), is a penalty for having a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of.08% and higher. This is Washington’s standard.

Washington, D.C. law provides that anyone driving under 21 after having consumed alcohol can be arrested and a DWI issued. This applies regardless of the BAC level. This is in compliance with the zero tolerance policy.

Washington, D.C. DUI and DWI penalties are more severe if you have a higher level of alcohol than others. Even if this is your first DUI or DWI charge, you may be subject to jail time, fines, and license revocation. The penalties for each offense are set out by the Metropolitan Police Department as follows:

Additional DUI/DWI penalties are mandatory

There are mandatory minimum penalties for driving with a minor when you’re pulled over in Washington, D.C. Each child properly restrained can be subject to an additional five-day sentence and a $500 fine. Each child who is not properly restrained can be sentenced to 10 days in jail and a $1,000 fine.

Commercial drivers have BAC impairment standards of.04% and higher. Drivers of commercial vehicles are required to serve at least five days in jail. This includes taxi drivers and pedicabs.

Youth zero tolerance penalties

Drivers under 21 years old are subject to a strict no tolerance policy. This means that drivers under 21 years old cannot drive with alcohol in their blood, breath, or urine. For possession of a fake ID or altered license, as well as deception about age to obtain alcohol, civil penalties can be applied. Your driver’s licence could be suspended for up to one year.

What a DWI can do to your Washington, D.C. car insurance

No matter what legal limit, driving drunk or under the influence is dangerous. Drunk driving statistics show that drunk driving is responsible for nearly one death per hour in the United States. Insurance companies often label DUI/DWI drivers as high-risk because of the higher likelihood of claims. This leads to steep increases in premiums for those convicted.

Some auto insurance companies may not renew your car insurance if you have a DUI or DWI record. Others might deny coverage for similar convictions. A DWI conviction on your driving record could result in a 47% average increase in Washington, D.C. insurance rates. National car insurance rates increase by 87% on average. This is almost double the average annual premium cost of automobile insurance in Washington, D.C.

It is worth considering other costs, as both DWI and DUI can have a significant impact on your Washington, D.C. car insurance premium. There may be other options for those who are not convicted of drunk driving causing bodily injury to others. An eligible convicted driver might be able file an SR-22 to install an ignition lock device (IID), in order to legally drive under the provisions. These options are more expensive but may allow drivers to drive legally with provisions.

After a DWI, you can find car insurance in Washington, D.C.

It can be difficult to find affordable car insurance in Washington, D.C. if you have a DUI conviction or DWI penalty conviction.

Questions frequently asked

What will a Washington, D.C. DUI do to my criminal record?

It is usually considered a misdemeanor if you are convicted of DUI or DWI in Washington, D.C. However, penalties for subsequent offenses could be more severe. A DUI or DWI conviction will remain on your criminal record. Before you drive a car, you need to be aware of the laws and risks.

What does Washington, D.C. insurance companies do to find out more about a DUI?

When they pull your driving record, car insurance companies may find out about DUI and DWI convictions. This happens when you renew your auto insurance policy or when you are shopping for car insurance.

What is the most recent time car insurance has looked at your driving record.

Most car insurers review your driving records for tickets and other accidents within five years. All incidents within this time period could be used to determine your Auto Insurance Rates. This includes a DUI conviction or DWI conviction. A DUI or DWI can remain on your driving record in Washington, D.C. for 10 years, which could be something worth looking into when you are trying to find coverage.