Fire Your Insurance Sales Manager

A life insurance sales manager who can sell does not necessarily mean that he should be promoted to the position of an office career insurance sales manager. A rare evolution occurs when you are promoted to office career manager position as an insurance sales manager.

His brain loses all compassion, understanding, concern, and is unable to function as an insurance sales manager. It is now reprogrammed so that it focuses on the large sum of money generated by his agents’ overrides. He is also paid a basic salary. His first goal is to create at least one baker’s dozen new agents.

As a career manager in insurance sales, he is a commander. He is responsible for guiding and tutoring his employees through any obstacles. NOT HERE. It is the agent of every person. The General Manager must be impressed by your leader as a competent company man. The company man tells his new agents to follow the company’s guidelines. These rules are not for him, but for the new agents.

His first priority is himself. He is a career manager in the insurance industry and has production targets that must be met. Production is what is emphasized. Here is where you will find a bonus if it is coming. He spends very little time on agent time, as he is able to train agents in-house. That includes helping agents with presentations and sometimes saving them from themselves so they can make a sale.

The life manager must first recruit tirelessly. The Sunday newspaper classifieds are answered by a large number of people. Personalized training and high income are the best ways to attract potential newcomers who are willing to switch careers. It sounds too good to be true. After answering a few questions about the job, you will be told that you should definitely schedule an interview. There are two parts to the interview process. The introduction section is where the insurance sales manager will pump you up until your mind starts to dance with sugar plums. If you have the critical credentials, you will be contacted within 3-4 days.

The insurance agency uses this delay to make people want to be called back. You are the chosen one, surprise! It’s now time to assess your personality traits and sales abilities. This test was created to identify only a handful of talented people, according to the sales manager. He then gives you a place in the general office for an hour while he evaluates your results. (Probably sneaking out to get a cheeseburger and a beer. ).

You feel your heart beat faster with anticipation. You desire the path to honor and glory. 95% of those who return without a propeller attached to their beanie caps pass your test. You are now the newest agent in your field. Your sales manager doesn’t know how you find people to give presentations, close sales or see them. He’s just playing a revolving number game. You win some, lose some, and then you hire some.

Perhaps you shouldn’t have been hired at all. Your training will be poor, your leads will not be as good, and your presentations won’t be very impressive. Your chances of success will be slim to none. Your sales manager hopes you will stay long enough to help them sell many of their family members, friends, and neighbors. He will be there for you like a drill sergeant whenever you see him. Criticize you for not getting enough leads, not making enough presentations, or not selling premium cases.

It is entirely the fault of the agency management. Despite all your assistance, you are still selling life insurance. Your manager has appointed 6 agents to replace six of the agents who have left. All policy holders have been given to the company in order to continue collecting premiums and renewing their policies for many years. Your sales manager is currently in his office, behind closed doors, interviewing a candidate. This candidate could be your replacement.

FIRE YOU INSURANCE SALES MANGER. Telling him that he is a brainwashed useless teacher might be true. It is his company’s commitment to making promises but not delivering them that makes many people’s lives miserable. There is a 9/10 chance that he will not be selling life insurance until his 4 year anniversary. Too early in their careers, sales managers will be fired. Your manager believes he can be your boss, and you will pay the price.

Instead, take control. You can be more independent and make changes that are in your best interests. You can choose to take control or let the door open. Your own determination, motivation, and inspiration are more valuable than any career manager in insurance.