Florida No Fault Auto Insurance – Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Required – Questions With Answers

What is the purpose of PIP?
PIP is an abbreviation of Personal Injury Protection. PIP stands for the benefits payable under the Florida No Fault Auto Insurance policy.

What law in Florida requires PIP?
Florida Motor Vehicle No Fault Law refers to the Florida statute that requires coverage for all vehicles registered in Florida.

Who is covered by PIP?
All residents and the named insured are covered by your Florida auto insurance policy’s PIP coverage. To be eligible for coverage, resident relatives don’t need to be drivers listed on the policy.

What vehicles are covered under PIP?
Your policy includes PIP coverage for all cars you own that are listed on your Florida car insurance policy. A trailer, which is not intended for business use, can also be covered.

What is the coverage of PIP?
Personal Injury Protection benefits include medical benefits, disability benefits and death benefits.

What are the charges for PIP coverage?
An insured person can receive a death benefit of $5,000.
Medical benefits can be claimed at 80% of the amount you have to pay for a covered accident. Disability benefits can be claimed at 60% of the lost wages due to a covered accident. PIP is available for up to $10,000 in any accident.

Is there an deductible in PIP coverage
Florida Motor Vehicle Law permits a deductible not exceeding $1,000 for PIP coverage. If you choose to have a deductible, it is an option and will lower your premium. Work loss exclusion is permitted by law. Your premium will be reduced if you elect it. Also, lost wages due to injury will not be covered.

What is the optional coverage for PIP?
As mandated by Florida’s Motor Vehicle No Fault Law, PIP is not an optional coverage.

Is it necessary for someone else to be liable in order to collect PIP payments?
No. No.

Are all insurance policies covered by PIP?
PIP coverage is not mandatory in all states. All vehicles registered in Florida must have PIP coverage. They are required to have PIP in addition Florida FR44 insurance for DUI drivers and Florida SR22 coverage for high-risk drivers.

When does coverage under PIP apply?
When the insured person or any of their relatives is injured while driving a motor car, coverage applies. Coverage is also available if the insured person is a pedestrian and is left behind by a motor vehicle.

Are my PIP benefits affected by how many cars I have?
No. No.

Does PIP apply if I have medical insurance that covers my injuries?
PIP covers injury to an insured person due to covered events, regardless of whether the insured has any health insurance.

To collect PIP payments, are an attorney or a lawsuit required?
No. No. Standard insurance companies of high rating will pay PIP benefits to covered persons without the need for an attorney.

What happens if my PIP policy is cancelled and I have a registered car?
The Florida Motor Vehicle Department will be notified by your insurance company about the cancellation of the policy. The registered vehicle owner will receive a notice informing them about any new policies that may have been purchased. Failure to reply to the notice and maintain the required PIP coverage will result is the suspension of the registered vehicle owner’s driver license.

Do I still need PIP coverage if I live in Florida during part of the year?
Every vehicle that is registered in Florida must have PIP coverage, even if it isn’t in use or is located in another part of the country.

What if I drive outside of Florida and my PIP covers me?
Florida residents who are covered by the PIP portion on a Florida auto policy can drive the vehicle in Florida.

What is Extended or Additional Personal Injury Protection?
This optional coverage is not required by Florida Motor Vehicle Law and is provided by some companies. Your insurance company can increase the amount payable under PIP beyond the $10,000 required by law for an additional premium. Your insurance company might also increase the percentages of PIP benefits that are covered by the medical or disability portions. The typical increase in medical benefits would be between the 80% required under law and 100%. The disability benefit would go from 60% to 80% of the lost wages.

What happens if PIP coverage covers more than one policy?
The maximum amount that can be collected if there is any other Personal Injury Protection available for the same injury is $10,000. Each company will be responsible to pay their pro-rata portion of benefits.

What does the insurance company say about which hospital or doctor I should use?
No. No. Any hospital or doctor will be covered by the PIP benefit if they provide medically necessary treatment for a covered injury.

What does the term “residence relative” mean?
Any relative, regardless of their bloodline or marriage, who resides at the residence of the insured. This includes a temporary resident relative, such a student who is away at college.

What benefits are excluded from the PIP program?
Your vehicle benefits won’t apply if your car isn’t covered under your auto policy. Without your consent, any injury caused by an owner of a covered vehicle. Intentional bodily injuries will not be covered. An injury suffered as a result from the commission of an offense punishable by imprisonment will not be covered. An individual other than you, or a relative living in Florida, who has coverage under another Florida car policy with PIP benefits.

Are PIP policies the same for all companies?
Yes. Florida law requires that policyholders and companies adhere to all aspects PIP insurance. The mandated Florida FR44 Insurance for DUI Drivers and SR22 Insurance for high-risk drivers are the same for all companies.