Four Obligations Every Insurance Agent Has

Because they are a specific group of people who have been trained, members of any profession can assume leadership roles in work that is related to their own. The leader in public-health campaigns is the doctor, while the lawyer leads civic improvement campaigns.

Like every successful agent in insurance, you should be interested and involved in all movements that work towards human improvement. But there are some fields where your profession allows for you to do valuable work.

1. As a Teacher and Promoter of Thrift.

This function of an insurance agent is a socially significant one. It should be celebrated. Consider the impact of being able to reduce poverty. Nearly every social problem has a financial component. Many of our most difficult and puzzling social problems would be solved if poverty was eliminated.

Many people today would be in a better place if they hadn’t given up on their savings plan. Nearly everyone starts saving at one point or another, but very few people stick with the plan until they have developed the habit. Once the habit is established, people start to be prejudiced against saving. It is then that they develop ideals of thrift and are more careful with their money. An ideal is an emotionally-driven habit. Insurance agents are teachers and advocates for frugal ideals.

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In the current after-the-recession period thrift is also a matter of individual welfare but also of the welfare country.

2. As a promoter and teacher of health.

Insurance companies play a crucial and significant role in improving public health. They have made clear causal relationships between social conditions and disease through their collective and careful analysis of vital statistics. They have identified the problems that need to be corrected by comparing different occupations in terms of hazard and have led to improved health. They have utilized their resources to fight epidemics, enforce sanitary regulations, push bills for better working conditions and publish educational literature about hygiene and health. Many companies offer direct medical assistance, providing free physical examinations and free visiting-nurse services.

The amount of assistance the agent receives from his company will determine the extent of the public-health services he can provide. However, he is a link between his company, the community he serves, and it could be through him that the company receives information that will allow it to provide the service most beneficial for his community.

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3. As a Promoter for Good Citizenship.

Democracy is founded on the belief that everyone has equal opportunities to develop their individual talents. This ideal can often be achieved in a case by life insurance, which provides protection. A child forced to quit school because of poverty will not have the same opportunity as those with greater opportunities. The life insurance agent is responsible for ensuring that everyone has this chance.

Group insurance can also promote good citizenship. Better cooperation between employers and employees is the only way to solve the problems facing the country. Those who establish group insurance systems that allow the wage earner to feel the employer’s interest in his and his affairs can do a lot to improve relations in business.

4. As a Teacher of Ideals and Promoter.

We mentioned earlier that the establishment of good habits of thrift has helped to create ideals of thrift. Life insurance agents are more responsible for thrifty habits in America than any other business or profession. Habits are the best way to create ideals. Ideals are formed when prejudice and emotion attach to habits.

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This is a wonderful opportunity for you to talk with your client about the most intimate aspects of his life-his family and his own. This is your chance to talk about the most important relationships that your clients have. You can offer advice and information to your clients if you are an insurance agent. Any sharing of experience must remain confidential.

Every person is influenced by some motive. Many other professions don’t offer the same opportunity to discuss one’s life objectives. Without a close connection to your life goals, life insurance will not work properly.

Insurance is the only profession that offers such a chance to express true ideaslism. This assumes that the insurance agent is able to share something with his clients.

Alen Majer is a trusted mentor and coach for insurance agents. He helps them improve their prospecting skills and handle objections.