FR44 Insurance for DUI and DWI Drivers Is Sensible

FR44 car insurance has two distinct features. Its higher liability limits and exclusivity for DWI/DUI drivers are the main distinguishing characteristics. This format is currently only used by Florida and Virginia in their recent efforts to reduce drinking and driving. This program is popular in Florida and Virginia, and it will be adopted by other states. Other states don’t make distinctions between high-risk driver groups when it comes to insurance. They mandate SR22 auto insurance for all.

Texas is the country’s leader in drunken driving fatalities and crashes. Texas law enforcement has a similar record of DWI arrests, citations and convictions. It’s not uncommon to see people driving drunk in any state or municipality. Municipalities, lawyers, insurance companies, among others, have become very successful in issuing citations to these drivers and prosecuting them. Enforcement is supported by many because roads are safer due to this activity. Many states will soon be considering increasing liability limits for DWI/DUI drivers, just like Florida and Virginia did with FR44 insurance.

Florida DUI convicted drivers must have car insurance with liability limits of 100/300/50. Proof must be submitted via the FR44 certificate submission. Previously, a DUI driver in Florida had to have limits of 10/20/10 as shown by their SR22 insurance filing. The SR22 policy doubles the FR44 liability limits for Virginia’s DUI drivers at 50/100/40.

The FR44 policy is a great development in Florida and Virginia for several reasons. The increased liability limits are a great community benefit. More insurance coverage equals more protection for the injured party. The second reason is that the higher insurance premiums for drivers convicted for exceeding the limits are deterrents to repeat the crime. The increased premiums and other consequences suffered by drunk drivers often have a modifying effect on their driving behavior. They are more cautious and have lower loss ratios, which translates into fewer accidents and claims.

Our family-owned insurance agency started writing more DUI policies. We were worried that insurance companies would not approve. We were delighted to discover that many of these companies had excellent performance numbers in this risk category and encouraged more policies. These companies are becoming more competitive for DWI/DUI policies at lower rates as they progress. These companies can still penalize drivers with high cancellation and rate penalties. It is worth shopping around for these policies after you have been issued a citation. It is the last step before convicted motorists can get their license reinstated and is often the most frightening. Car insurance is usually not the most severe of their consequences.

After renewals, DUI policyholders in Florida or Virginia begin to receive increasing discounts due to high liability limits. A good driving record and safer driving habits can translate into lower insurance rates. These drivers are able to lower their premiums and still receive higher coverage. This is especially true as the DUI conviction gets older and the associated surcharge decreases until it is eliminated completely. Many drivers who have not been convicted of DUI do not have the discipline or foresight to keep high liability limits. This leads to lower premiums.

It’s easy to see how the FR44 policy works for everyone. The entire community benefits from a higher level insurance protection. DWI and DUI policyholders pay less to get more coverage. Insurance companies, lawyers, ticket centers, etc. make a profit. In the long-term, insurance rates will rise due to safer driving habits for DWI/DUI drivers. As an independent agent in Florida, Virginia, I believe that every state will reap the benefits of the sensible FR44 insurance program.

Florida Auto Plus Insurance’s entire staff is committed to helping DUI drivers navigate the Florida Fr44 insurance process. We are ready to help you with any questions or provide a quote. Florida Auto Plus Insurance provides competitive FR44 Florida auto insurance quotes.