FR44 Insurance in Florida: Smart Tips and Helpful Hints

Florida has required FR44 insurance since 2008. This policy type is not well-known by most agents or consumers. This information is important for convicted drivers as it isn’t well-known. If you have the right information, it is easy to secure a lower-cost policy and get your license reinstated quickly.

Many companies want these policies. Insurance companies have found that DUI drivers in Florida are a high-risk group. Because DUI drivers are the only ones who require FR44 insurance, it is easy to identify and assign them results. Before 2008, DUI drivers were considered high-risk drivers and required Florida SR22 coverage.

Companies can profit from the State requirements for FR44 policies such as increased liability limits, noncancel provision, etc. They are therefore competing with FR44 insurance quotes which have good terms and low rates.

Companies offer key policy discounts. Car policies include significant discounts for high liability limits and paying in advance. These discounts apply even though DUI drivers are required to purchase Florida FR44 insurance. These options are available to both drivers who choose them voluntarily and those who are compelled. Get every discount you can to get the best rate and forget about any misconceptions that you are not eligible for one because of a DUI. Many policyholders are surprised and relieved by how affordable FR44 insurance can be after applying discounts.

There are several types of policies that qualify for FR44 filing. The main types of policy that can be included in a Florida FR44 file are a standard car insurance policy, a policy covering non-owned vehicles, and a policy covering recreational vehicles. A policy that covers less than four wheels is not required to include $10,000 in Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance. This coverage is mandatory for all Florida cars and trucks and is extremely expensive. PIP is also not covered by a non-owned vehicle policy. There are many policy options available. Many people consider changing or removing their vehicle to save money on PIP. Any type of vehicle can be cited. Any type of vehicle can be subject to a citation.

Check online for the DMV and Driver License Check Online. The DMV will not allow you to reinstate your license unless the FR44 file has been electronically submitted by the insurance company. This process takes approximately 48 hours. Drivers have been known to present a hard copy of their FR44 certificate to the DMV clerk and had their license restored immediately. It is not unusual for different clerks to handle the FR44 reinstatement at the same DMV. They are not supposed to accept them in person but you may be lucky enough to walk away with your license.

Florida’s driver license check online where many go to retrieve their FR44 case number to be submitted with the insurance application. After your FR44 is filed and your license has been reinstated, you can check your status online. It will be valid without any restrictions or suspensions. Many policyholders have removed the FR44 file from their policy prematurely and were subject to a new suspension as well as a reinstatement fee. A policyholder who is within the 60-day deadline can provide proof of qualifying converges or limits on company letterhead to replace the FR44 certificate.

Expect more from your company and agent. Companies may not offer new policies or cancel existing policyholders with FR44 filing. Because of the lucrative results that FR44 policies provide, this makes no sense. However, don’t be discouraged or surprised if your company sends you a cancellation notice or refuses to renew your license. As long as you know the facts, it is possible to find a fair rate and quickly get your license reinstated. You will be able to find the right policy for you, and you can rely on it.