Fred Loya Insurance Review

Fred Loya Insurance specializes providing auto insurance for high-risk drivers. This includes those with poor credit, who have to file an SR-22 form because of traffic violations or DUIs. EP Loya Group, an Austin-based auto insurance company that also owns Loya Insurance Company and Young America Insurance, Rodney D. Young Insurance, and National Insurance — all of which offer Fred Loya policies and other insurance providers. Fred Loya Insurance could be called one of these names depending on where you live.

Fred Loya has some special features such as free rental cars and office locations in grocery and Walmart stores. However, the policies can be confusing. This company has also been subject to legal problems in the past and has received a lot of customer complaints.

Fred Loya may be able to issue you coverage if you are having trouble finding coverage. However, consider other options available for high-risk drivers before choosing Fred Loya as your auto insurance provider. If you simply want to purchase a policy that meets your state’s required minimum coverage levels, there are alternative options available to you.

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Fred Loya autoinsurance

Fred Loya provides minimal coverage for auto insurance. All policies provide liability coverage. However, you can add additional coverage such as collision and comprehensive coverage or personal injury protection.

Other coverages include:

  • Protection for physical damage. This coverage covers damage from hail, floods and collisions, regardless of fault.
  • Rental reimbursement coverage. You will be reimbursed for the cost of renting a car while the vehicle is being repaired.

Fred Loya offers high-risk driver policies, often for those with low or no credit. Fred Loya policies can be issued without or with credit checks. SR-22 forms may also be available. There may be exclusions or coverages that are not obvious. It is important to read all the fine print. Fred Loya, for example, offers complete coverage. This is a combination of comprehensive and collision coverage. However, it only covers vehicles that have not been damaged. Once a policy has been purchased, all changes (including address and phone number changes) must be made by phone or in person.

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Fred Loya doesn’t offer online car insurance quotes. You can either call Fred Loya’s hotline or go to a location to get a price estimate. The website has a location finder that will help you locate a nearby office. Some offices are also located near grocery stores and select Walmart locations.

Fred Loya discounts might include:

  • Multiple car discount.
  • Discount on automatic seat belts or air bags
  • Anti-theft discount.
  • If you have successfully completed a defensive driving course, you will receive a discount.
  • Driver’s education discount.
  • Discount for taking a course in alcohol and drug awareness.

Fred Loya Insurance: Complaints

According to NerdWallet analysis of data provided by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, Loya Insurance Group received far more complaints than it was expected over three years.

These are the top three types of customer complaints over the past three years:

  • Offers and settlements that are not satisfactory.
  • Refusal to handle claims.
  • Refusal to accept claims.

Learn more about Fred Loya

  • Website: Fred Loya’s website offers limited information about coverage options and has few features. Customers can’t access their policies or make payments online. However, new customers can use Fred Loya’s location finder tool to locate the closest agency.
  • Mobile alerts: Fred Loya Insurance allows you to sign up for text notifications that will provide policy information and notify you when your next payment is due.
  • Claim filing: Claims can only be made over the phone during office hours.
  • State availability: Fred Loya provides auto insurance coverage in Texas and Arizona.