Free Insurance Selling Techniques – Effective Sales Questions That Sizzle


Many free methods for selling insurance are ineffective. This is because effective questions to sell insurance are different than those that are used to sell refrigerators. Find out how to make your questions more effective and how to make them shine.

There is only one way to stay current with the most effective ways to sell insurance. It is essential to constantly be on the lookout and evaluate new information. Learn everything you can about the techniques and, more importantly, ask the crucial questions regarding insurance sales. It won’t take you long to be an authoritative authority.

The best salespeople have the ability to know when and how they should ask questions. The entire article will provide the answer to your questions about insurance sales.


To learn more about your clients, and to determine their emotional needs for your product, you must ask questions. You should also give your clients the opportunity to ask further questions. Before you give your sales presentation, go through the two-part question/answer phase. To gain information, you will first ask questions. They will need a conversational reply back.

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After this, you want your prospects to only answer your questions. Questions that are not ambiguous and do not require a yes/no answer. Instead, their opinions or product choice will answer your questions. If you answer all of your prospect’s questions first, it is much easier for prospects to not try to trap you later with objections. You are the one who controls the situation.


Ask questions to build trust with your client and compliment them. Ask them why they started collecting ______. Ask them which one is their favourite and why. While compliments are great, be sincere in your giving them. Then, say “Before they begin is there anything you want to learn about me?” You will likely get a “not really,” which is exactly what you want. They are likely still skeptical if they ask more questions than they asked. They are not trusting you yet.

It would be FANTASTIC to first ask for the sale, then get your prospects to buy, and then only provide the information necessary to close the deal. You can do it, and you don’t need to use handcuffs or ropes or weapons.

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This is where you need to determine if prospects are qualified buyers. You must also find out their motivations to purchase. You can start by saying “A lot of customers like my product because they have different reasons.” What is your interest in this _____ offer? “I am aware of many benefits that you could receive, but how will ______ insurance help your situation?” Are you a past customer of ______? Are you open to solving the emotional need that we talked about or even starting to solve it? Have you heard about _____ from your relatives or neighbors? Fine.” It sounds like you recognize the importance of _____. Now it is my responsibility to provide you with the details. “Thanks for being so intelligent.

If the pre-selling phase is not successful or your prospect is skeptical, it’s time to walk. You don’t sell information.


You have now given potential insurance clients enough time to speak. You will adapt your sales presentations to their answers. It’s a lot like filling in the blanks to complete the sales application. It is important to believe that the process of selling your product is just a formality. Highlight how your solution can solve their problem (not buying your product). Limit your motivations to the emotional reasons they already gave you. Limit your questions to the client. “How am I doing so Far?” This is a great question to ask. “Would you pay ___ more for the high-benefit ___ product? Is the most basic plan right for you?

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Few questions are more important than the transition from application to presentation.


You are not only selling to prospects, but also serving a purpose. The first step is to build rapport. The next step is to take the pain out on your client and watch the concern look on their faces. The last step is to make a commitment to solving the problem with your product. One of the most powerful sales strategies you can learn is knowing when and how to ask them. You will see how crucial it is to ask the right questions about insurance sales as you gain more knowledge.

Most of the questions weren’t hot, as you likely realized. These questions did help set the scene and encourage your prospects to decide to purchase. Here it is: free tips for selling insurance and a technique that you can immediately put to use.