Fundamental Analysis of Companies And Industry Made Easy For The Layman

Equity Research was born out of the desire to have information available and be able to consume it. Equity Research sounds like something that is done professionally, but once you get the meaning and have some knowledge, it becomes easy to understand.

It is used by security analysts for fundamental analyses of companies within an industry, basic analysis of stock within a company, and other factors commonly known as securities analysis. Investment Banking Companies provide such reports and information to individuals, companies, and firms. It also includes commodities and bonds.

Equity Research’s goals include

  • Information to help investors decide where to invest their money
  • Traders need information to decide whether to enter the market or leave it.
  • To assess the company and determine if it would benefit them, financiers will need information

Equity research includes

  1. Economic Analysis: This includes fundamental stock analysis, analysis of available resource, and accounting for potential costs.
  2. Industrial Analysis: This includes fundamental analysis of companies and fundamental analyses of industries. Market factors are also included.
  3. Company Analysis: This includes analysis of company operations, share analysis, and securities trends.
  4. Analyse of financial statements: Experts analyze the profit and loss statements as well as the balance sheets of companies to forecast future trends.
  5. Report, presentation and financial modeling: This is the final and most important step in the research.

There are many ways equity research can be applied. Equity research is mostly used in the mutual fund industry, investment evaluations, merger and acquisition transactions, financial publications, charitable endowments, and financial publications. Investment Banking Companies help investors make informed and calculative financial decisions. JM Financial assists shareholders in making financial decisions.

Equity Research is an important part of the work of NBFCs as well as Investment Banking Companies. This helps to create a transparent link between investors and companies by providing analytic reports on the performance of Companies to other firms, individuals, and firms that may be interested in merging or investing with like-minded companies. Securitas assists in fundamental analysis of companies and stock in an industry, as well as other factors. Companies that provide investment banking services can help individuals, companies, and firms with such reports.