Future is Bright For Cryptocurrencies! Which One?


The world agrees that Cryptocurrencies have begun the age of virtual money. However, there are many questions about its future. Experts realize that institutions such as banks will soon have their own Cryptocurrency.

These facts make cryptocurrencies a popular choice for best investments of the next decade. They are currently able to grow exponentially because they are safe, decentralized, can’t be decoded and cannot be regulated by any institution or person.

There are many potential benefits to such progressive magnifications in their value and the evolution of new entrants over the next years. This raises the big question: Which Cryptocurrency will be big in the Future?

It is important to analyze the pros and cons associated with Cryptocurrencies, which are hitting the markets hard, and also to see the potential for growth in each one.

You will only be able to see the brightest future of Cryptocurrency if you keep an eye on them daily.

Although the trends and reviews, as well as expert analysis and reviews, may indicate one thing, the future is only something that can be predicted by you. You can predict the future value of virtual money as follows:

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1. Bitcoin

Bitcoin prices reached $4414.31 in August 2017. This was the highest price ever recorded. It is likely to reach the $5000 mark soon. It’s been an amazing year for Bitcoin, with a four-fold increase in its value over the last six months.

You may be tempted to invest now, but virtual money is scarce. They are rare and will only increase in value as they move upwardly.

Additionally, Bitcoin’s current acceptance and established status is among the best Cryptocurrencies. This makes it the “King” of present and the “Giant Robot of the future.

2. Ethereum

The price of Ethereum has been rising like nothing else, compared to other Cryptocurrencies. Experts and data that Bitcoin showed a modest growth rate of 450% between January and Sept show that Ethereum has experienced a remarkable growth of 4500%.

The technology that Ethereum has is another feature that can make Bitcoin a top-ranked cryptocurrency. Ethereum’s data processing speed is superior to that of any other platform and it can automatically apply contract terms once they have been agreed upon. Experts believe that investors will prefer Ethereum because its value is lower than the market leader. Because of the higher growth chances in these cases, this is obvious.

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3. Ripple

Although Ripple technology has great potential to change cross-border payments, exponential growth is still far away. Ripple’s Consensus Ledger concept offers low decentralization through its validator-node model. Banks and financial institutions that deal with cross-border payments often appreciate this feature. Fund movements are more efficient and faster. You can also reduce the cost by using additional features. Ripple is a great choice for financial transactions, unlike other competitors.

Experts don’t believe that the $0.21 current value will reach $1.

4. Dash

This silent underdog, or dark horse, is aggressively moving ahead. It currently stands at $409, an increase of 3500% from Jan 2017, compared to $9 in January 2017. It recently crossed the $1billion mark. This sudden increase was due to partnerships with banks, payment services, and other financial institutions. While this will not increase its accessibility, it will make it more difficult for players like PayPal. Dash will be around longer thanks to its strong governance system and faster transactions. Coinapult has partnered with Dash to make it possible to buy Dash in a variety of fiat currencies such as USD, EUR and CAD.

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5. GDC Coin

Its growth is remarkable with a price of $0.01 in January 2017 and a current price of $5.86. The future virtual currency is rapidly becoming the GDC Coin due to its peerless features in Financial Services, Forex trading services, and Cryptocurrency Trading. Availability of open exchanges, and gdccoin make it one of the best investment options. It can be traded on all major exchanges around the world, as 7 million premined coins are available.

Each of the top Cryptocurrencies, and their current synergies, suggest that each one has the future. Their demand in different sectors and for different purposes may show the difference.

Their value may differ at the time, but it is certain that their future prices will grow exponentially.