Geico vs Liberty Mutual: car insurance comparison

Geico is a prominent U.S. insurer. Liberty Mutual was purchased by Warren Buffett in 1996. In 1999, the famous gecko mascot was introduced online. Geico policies can be underwritten by many companies such as Maryland Automobile Insurance Fund. It is America’s second-largest auto insurance company with 66% of the market.

Liberty Mutual, which holds 5% of U.S. market share, is the fourth-largest insurance company. It was established in 1912 and has policies in 29 countries. It is committed to corporate sustainability, and strives to become a partner in the communities where it sells insurance.

Comparison of Liberty Mutual vs Geico: Car insurance rates

Geico is able to compare Liberty Mutual against Geico in many categories. AM Best determines financial strength and J.D. says customer satisfaction. Power’s rankings. The average annual premiums of Geico for full and minimum coverage (which includes collision or comprehensive) is reasonable. Liberty Mutual doesn’t make this information available.

Rates based on credit score

Your credit score will determine your auto insurance rates. Your credit score will determine how low your premium. Quadrant Information Services determined that Geico’s average rates are lower than the national average when comparing Liberty Mutual to Geico. Liberty Mutual doesn’t make rates public but it is possible to assume that rates will rise if you have poor credit. This trend is consistent with national rates. California, Hawaii and Maryland prohibit the use credit scores for determining premium rates.

Rates based on age

Your age is another important factor that will affect your rate. Insurance rates for young drivers are generally higher because they are statistically more likely to be in an accident that requires a claim. Your insurance rates will decrease as you age, as shown in the chart below. This is true for both Geico and Liberty Mutual. Liberty Mutual rates are not yet available, but it is possible to assume that rates will follow a national trend of decreasing as you get older.

Driving record rates

Because claims can be expensive, your insurer won’t want you to file them. Instead, it will reward you with good driving habits. Geico and Liberty Mutual will likely offer lower premium rates to drivers who have a clean driving record. This is in contrast to those who have been involved in accidents or received speeding tickets. Your premium will go up if you are convicted of DUI. This is something that both your insurer and the law take very seriously.

Geico vs Liberty Mutual: discounts

It is worth looking at the discounts offered when comparing Liberty Mutual to Geico. Geico and Liberty Mutual offer a wide range of discounts. Liberty Mutual offers 17 standard discounts while Geico has 16. Discounts are a great way to reduce your premium rates. It is worth taking a look at the savings they provide.


  • Anti-theft system — Geico can offer a potential 23% discount if your car has an anti-theft device.
  • Federal employee — You may be eligible for the Eagle Discount up to 12% on your total automobile insurance premium if you are a retired or current federal employee.
  • Geico offers a discount for members and employees of more than 500 group. These groups include alumni associations as well as professional organizations.

Liberty Mutual

  • Student discount — A student with a minimum GPA of B may be eligible for a discount. You may also be eligible for a discount if your child is away from school or you only occasionally drive.
  • Alternative energy — Liberty Mutual may offer a discount if your car is an electric vehicle or hybrid.
  • Accident-free — You may be eligible for some savings on your premium rates if you are not in an accident and/or violated.
  • RightTrack — If you agree to use an application that monitors your driving in real-time, you could be able save up to 30% to be a safer driver.

Geico vs Liberty Mutual – Online and Mobile Experience Comparison

When deciding which insurance company is best – Liberty Mutual or Geico – it is important to look at the mobile apps each company offers. These apps will allow you to manage your insurance business from anywhere you are.


  • App Store (4.8 Stars) — Geico’s Apple app is extensive. It allows you to access digital ID cards and pay your bills. You can also find roadside assistance. Geico Explore uses augmented reality to assist you in finding gas stations and your car.
  • Google Play (4.8 star) — This app lets you manage your digital ID cards, pay bills, find roadside assistance, and submit and manage claims. Geico Explore AR augmented reality allows you to personalize your experience and reminds you when your vehicle is due for maintenance.

Liberty Mutual

  • App Shop (4.8 star) — You can access your ID cards, policy documents, pay your bills, update information, and sign electronic documents. To obtain an estimate for repairs, you can tap to make a call to emergency roadside assistance. You can also file and manage claims.
  • Google Play (4.6 star) — Liberty Mutual’s mobile app lets you manage your insurance business and make changes to your coverage. You can also file and manage claims. You can find auto repair shops, request a rental car, and schedule a damage review. After your claim has been filed, you will be able to view repair estimates and track repairs.

Questions frequently asked

Which company has the best auto insurance in 2021

There are many insurers that offer solid policies for car owners. It is worth getting multiple quotes to find the one that offers the lowest premium rates. Bankrate’s Best Car Insurance Companies in 2021 listing is a good place to begin. It includes all of the best-rated insurers currently writing policies.

How can I save money when buying car insurance?

First, make sure that you apply all discounts you are eligible to. Each insurer offers them. It is a matter to work with your agent and make sure you’re eligible for all of them. Many of these are simple to get, such as a paid in full discount or an agreement to receive your documents electronically.

What is the cost of car insurance?

Nearly every state has minimum insurance requirements to be able to drive legally. However, most insurance professionals recommend that you have more coverage than the minimum to ensure adequate protection. The cost of full coverage in the United States is $1674 per annum.