Geico vs. Safe Auto

Geico was founded in 1936 during the Great Depression. It currently holds 13.78% of the private passenger car insurance market. Geico was founded by government employees and military personnel. Today, Geico serves customers from all walks of life. Geico is a specialist in auto, home, and business insurance.

Safe Auto, a relatively young company, was founded in 1993 . It holds a smaller market share. Because they insure only individuals in 28 of the states, their customer base is much smaller than other companies. Safe Auto specializes high risk auto insurance as well as home insurance and health insurance. It might be helpful to compare Safe Auto and Geico in order to decide which company is right.

Geico vs. Geico vs.

Below is a table that shows ratings from J.D. and AM Best. Power for Geico vs. Safe Auto. Safe Auto is an exclusive, small company and therefore not ranked with larger insurance providers like Geico. Below, we have listed the average annual car-insurance premium for both minimum and complete coverage.

Rates based on credit score

Below is the average annual premium each company charges for full coverage that is based on credit. Remember that credit scores are not allowed in California, Hawaii, and Massachusetts.

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Rates based on age

Below is a table showing both Geico’s premiums for full coverage and Safe Auto’s based on driver’s age. Both companies see a significant increase in drivers aged 16 and 17 on their parents’ insurance policies to drivers 18 and over, who are rated independently.

Driving record rates

Below is a table showing how the average annual premium to full coverage has changed based upon driving records. Safe Auto. Based on the severity and conviction, premiums can vary.

Geico vs. Geico vs.

Nearly all insurance companies offer discounts for their insureds to save money on their premiums. These are discounts offered by Safe Auto or Geico to help them remain competitive with other companies .


  • Driver affiliation – Discounts offered to military personnel, federal workers, and members from Geico partner organisations.
  • Five years without an accident – A driver who has a clean driving record for five years consecutively could be eligible to receive 22% off their premium.
  • Customer loyalty – Customers who have multiple vehicles or combine their home and auto insurance could be eligible for a discount
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Safe Auto

  • Multi-vehicle Discount – Drivers may be eligible for a discount if they insure more than one vehicle.
  • New business transfer – This discount is available to new insureds who switch from their current insurance to Safe Auto.
  • Homeowners – Customers who are homeowners could get a discount on their auto coverage.

Geico vs. Comparison of Safe Auto online and mobile

Geico and Safe Auto both allow customers to be self-sufficient via their company websites as well as their mobile apps. To review their coverages, request information or make payments, insureds can log in to their account. Geico offers a few additional options that Safe Auto doesn’t. Geico allows you to request proof of insurance and even add a vehicle, without needing to log in through its express services.


  • App Store — This app allows customers who are insured or new to receive quotes. You can also see an electronic version of the app on your ID cards.
  • Google Play — This app is very similar to the Apple store app. It also displays a list of things the insured should do next.
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Safe Auto

  • App Store — This app displays a summary of the policy information and shows all details at a glance. It allows policyholders access to ID cards and other documents.
  • Google Play — Customers can navigate Google Play with a toolbar. Customers can submit a claim and request emergency roadside assistance.

Questions frequently asked

Which company offers auto insurance that is cheaper?

Geico’s auto insurance is on average cheaper than Geico, but every driver will get personalized quotes based upon their specific information. Safe Auto rates are comparable to Geico for drivers who have been convicted of DUI.

Can I keep my Safe Auto policy if I move to a different state?

You should be able stay with the same provider if you move to a state where Safe Auto writes business. You may need to adjust to the state’s insurance requirements. You will need to find a new insurance provider if Safe Auto no longer offers insurance in the new state.

Geico offers more than just auto and home insurance.

Geico provides pet and life insurance as well as travel and life insurance. Geico also offers overseas coverage, which provides insurance for your move outside of the United States.