Glassell Park Real Estate It’s All About Spacious Contemporary Hillside Homes

Glassell Park, a hilly area in Northeast Los Angeles, is experiencing a boom in real estate. Glassell Park is no exception. Glassell Park homes are rarely on the market for long. Glassell Park real estate is in high demand. Buyers are attracted by the beautiful hillside communities and the large homes.

Glassell Park is northeast of Atwater Village and Elysian Valley. Residents have been challenged by the rolling hills to create spacious and innovative homes that are different from all other neighborhoods in Los Angeles. In the early 2000s, there was a housing boom that brought new residents to the area. This led to a rise in modern and innovative homes. You will also find many historic homes that are cheaper than the neighbors in Glassell Park, such as Eagle Rock and Mount Washington.

Glassell Park’s average household size is greater than in most other areas of Los Angeles. These large, spacious homes can accommodate large families. Developers are using the title of “hillside community” to build homes on the sloped hills. The average lot size is large and the houses have many rooms, multiple levels and large windows that offer stunning views.

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Spanish bungalows can be found all over Glassell Park. These homes have an open floor plan and tall walls that allow for great views. Spanish homes typically have two bedrooms and bathrooms, which are lit by natural light from skylights. Spanish bungalows are often equipped with state-of the-art kitchens. This allows for a terraced backyard and many hardscape spaces to entertain guests. These are great for al fresco dining or relaxing under the stars.

Glassell Park’s Mid-Century homes is another popular option. These gorgeous hillside homes often have a hot tub, sauna, or a swimming pool. These slanted yards offer the possibility for creative landscaping with drought-tolerant, colorful plants. The more shrubs and plants that are planted, and the better the hill will perform during wet and rainy seasons, the better. Mid-century homes with five or more bedrooms and five bathrooms are the largest. These homes often have large bedrooms with high ceilings, huge walk-in closets, large roof terraces, and bonus rooms. This room can be used as an office, den, or entertainment area. Outside brick patios are a wonderful place to entertain thanks to the gentle breezes from the hills. Each home can offer privacy and security from neighbors and the freeway by using the right landscaping techniques when planting trees and building walls.

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Glassell Park is a growing market so make sure you do your research and find an experienced Glassell Park realtor who has a track record of helping buyers and sellers navigate the potential pitfalls and opportunities in real estate investing. Only an experienced Glassell Park real estate agent will be able to protect your interests and negotiate the best deal. This is what real estate investing is all about.