Growth to Use Thematic Investment And Index Development

ETFs that allow for thematic investment are a fascinating category. These ETFs are unique and can be used to make a statement. These funds are bold. While thematic funds may disagree with each other, they all agree with ETFs that track benchmarks indexes. Special equity ETFs are those that are based on specific approaches indexes and thematic funds are called special equity ETFs. This can lead to higher fees and a higher cost. Fidelity points out that the capital ratios for special equity funds are three times greater than those of ETFs following a benchmark index.

Thematic investing is gaining popularity in the world of exchange traded funds (ETFs). Market participants are trying to align their future expectations with their portfolios. This unusual and expensive investment strategy deserves a detailed discussion.

Thematic investing means capitalizing on future trends. The technological changes are what we first notice. Thematic investing can help us to benefit financially from technological changes if we are able to identify them.

Social Trend: India’s population below 30 years old will be the largest in India by 2020. This will lead to a massive shift in India’s consumption patterns.

Political Trend: New improvements are possible due to changes in political power. Recent developments have included demonetization. Modi’s central government is responsible for this.

Resource Trend: If resources are scarce, they might be very valuable. Focusing on the development of renewable energies like solar technology or wind farms can be a profitable strategy. This is because a transition to more sustainable energy could make these industries more profitable.

Index development

The index development tool is used to assess a country’s progress in both its economic and social dimensions. There are many types of index development, or indices. These are described below and at our website

Indxx 500 Index

The Indxx 500 index provides exposure to 500 of the most important US protections, measured in market capitalization.

Indxx Global Agriculture Indices

It tracks the performance of agricultural companies involved in improving yields. It includes farmland firms and companies involved in chemical & fertilizers and seeds as well as irrigation equipment.


The Indxx India Consumer Index is of 30 stock free-float modified market capitalization-weighted index meant to measure the performance of the market in the consumer industry in India.


The India Infrastructure Index was created to track the performance of Indian companies involved in infrastructure.


The Indxx India Small Cap Index is a 75 stock free-float modified market capitalization-weighted index created to hold the market performance of companies in India.

Indxx U.S. Infrastructure Development Index

The Indxx U.S. Infrastructure Development Index tracks the performance of companies expected to profit from infrastructure development in the United States.

Author Section: This article focuses on the importance of index development and thematic investing. Here’s a quick summary: Thematic investment, as its name implies, is a strategy which seeks to align asset choice with certain social, economic, or corporate themes. Thematic funds are similar to sector investment, but they cover many sectors and select companies that fit the theme.

Thematic investing is based on the following core areas:

  • Environmentalism and environmental technology
  • Technology and demographics are changing
  • Marijuana production
  • Gaming
  • Cybersecurity
  • Artificial intelligence

Human index development (or composite stat) is an indicator that measures key characteristics of human development.

  • A long, healthy life
  • being knowledgeable
  • Have a standard of living that is comparable to others