Guaranteed Insurance Leads Marketing Tip Just Revealed For Direct Mail Prospecting Sales

Here’s a marketing tip that guarantees insurance leads. A revolutionary method of prospecting by direct mail is now possible to increase sales. This involves combining marketing and leads to maximize results. This proven tip will greatly increase your direct mail prospecting sales.

You think you’ve seen every marketing tip and profitable lead in insurance. This one is new. You can now create prospecting and direct mail leads that will win every single insurance prospect, even those who don’t buy. You can also obtain the opt-in email addresses for willing prospects at a fraction of the cost and time. This alone can almost guarantee additional sales. Building an opt-in list of prospects is the best way to develop future buyers who are willing and able to buy your products.

My lead-enhancing sales marketing tip can only be useful if it is used correctly. Legally make every prospect a winner. Give them a gift package and they will give you leads or their email address.

It is impossible to emphasize enough the importance of being a winner. It is illegal to choose or determine prior winners for a gift. It is legal to award a gift to everyone who responds. This tip is intended to help you get as many leads as possible. You will also be able to create future product newsletters by gaining future email addresses. According to statistics, most consumers gradually build trust by repeating the process. Trust is a gradual process that many consumers develop over time. This is often not possible until at least the fifth email message has been received.

To maximize your potential benefits, I presume that you have a very targeted list of highly qualified prospects that are worth actively pursuing.

This is my unique marketing tip. If you’re mailing 5,000 prospects, place one of the five six different “prize codes” above each address. There should be five codes for every 1,000 addresses. It is easy for your mail company to add these codes for you.

You mention, in addition to your product highlights that you will be giving away five prize packages. It is important to state “one in five”, rather than announcing that everyone will win. It is better to have extraordinary odds than just a guaranteed prize. Your offer must be used within 7 days.

Prospects will easily trick you into believing that this is a trick to obtain their email address. This isn’t a trick as the gift is given without obligation. You outsmart them by giving away a valuable prize package that makes it impossible to miss out.

Tell potential clients to visit a page on the website that contains 5 winning numbers. Your potential clients must match the code printed above their name on the address label. Show them the titles from the four books included in the winning packages. Tell prospects that they can get the prize package without any obligation by responding now. It is so easy! They need to call or email, provide only their name and email address. If you have your phone number, don’t ask.

One tip for getting email addresses is to not ask too much information. This will increase the likelihood that they will respond. It is not necessary to ask for it again if you already have their physical address information.

You can reply within one hour to 24hrs and email the package of ebooks to them. They can then use their abode reader for further reading. Gift packs could include topics such as positive thinking, money management, recipes for cooking, exercise, and many other subjects. They can choose the one they prefer, even if they don’t want the regular prize pack. A group of twenty ebooks can be purchased at a very low cost and you have the distribution rights to distribute as many as you wish.

Before you contact your prospects via direct mail, I suggest sending the four free gift packs before you talk about setting up an appointment for insurance. This marketing strategy almost guarantees that trustworthy prospects will be grateful for your gifts and open to telephone conversations. This can lead to appointments. You will be able to increase your marketing efforts and sales by claiming more books. Never push for a meeting.

Explore your prospecting goldmine bonus. These are the prospects who are willing to make an appointment. Opt-in emails can be used in conjunction with direct mail marketing to increase sales. Set up an email to send a 3 week cycle to 190 people who are not ready. Keep sending them emailed newsletters with product information and a link to another book. These 190 prospects will be ready to call you after six newsletters have been sent. At least 10-20 prospects will be interested in the newsletter and you can offer them a free ebook. You could make 6-12 additional sales to boost your income.

This approach builds prospect trust which is a drawback of most lead programs. Instead of being a pushy salesperson, you are seen as a problem solver and provider.

Everyone wins except for those who are too skeptical. They are not all possible, and you don’t have to. People who have won a number of prizes for free will often not receive their prizes.

This fantastic tip for prospecting leads increases the initial response by 2% to 5%. A great future in sales is possible if you are prepared. A strike rate of 99% in insurance prospecting is common, while 95% is extraordinary. This tip will show you how to be the best prospector.