Here are the facts you absolutely, positively must know about auto insurance fraud

You’d likely feel comfortable answering a question about auto insurance fraud if someone asked you. You shouldn’t hit your car with a baseball bat, then claim it was an accident. If you hide your car in your garage or report it stolen to the claims adjuster, they will probably find out. Did you know you could be the victim of insurance fraud?

Do you have my attention? Good. It’s surprising how little people know about auto insurance fraud. People out there are out to prey on innocent drivers. They use their belief that they’re safe out on the roads, as long as they follow the rules and make big bucks off their insurance. Because you were at the wrong place at wrong time, you might be responsible in an accident you didn’t cause.

Would you not like to at least commit the crime, before you are blamed?

Common Insurance Scams

Here are some of the most prevalent frauds that have been used to fleece thousands of auto insurers.

1) The Good Samaritan. How many times have your hands been pressed against the steering wheel, waiting for the chance to turn, change lanes, or pull out from a stop? You will almost always be welcomed into traffic by someone who takes pity on your situation. You’ll be fine nine times out of ten. You will pull into traffic, and the other car will follow your lead.

However, there’s always a chance it won’t. This is when auto insurance fraud begins to take root. When you pull into traffic, the same driver who waved at you suddenly accelerates and crashes into you. They’ll refuse to agree to anything in front of a judge and they’ll hold the ticket while you collect your auto insurance.

2) The Rear Ender. When you’re driving smoothly down the road and maintaining a perfect following distance, suddenly a car cuts in front of your vehicle, skids into your following distance, then hits the brakes. You don’t have the time to stop so you must rearend them. You’re now in charge of an accident that you technically caused but could not avoid.

3) The Mobster. Accidents do happen. If you are a good citizen, you will be happy to pay for any damage you caused. What about the damages you didn’t cause? You’ll find two insurance companies accusing of you of causing thousands of dollars in damages that you did not cause. Why? The other driver was a legitimate victim of your accident. He or she took out a baseball bat, and then he/she blamed you.

What You Can do About It

Don’t let these con artists get you down. Get even! You can take photos of the scene right after the accident with a disposable camera in your car. This will give you a tangible record of the damage and the ones that were theirs. Talk to witnesses and get their records. This can prove invaluable if you run into the Good Samaritan or the Rear Ender.

Don’t be afraid of telling your auto insurance provider if you notice something is amiss in Denmark. It’s likely that they have gotten you before. If you fight your culpability, drivers with a criminal record will look very suspicious in court. These frauds are common and well-known by the court system. You’ll be ready to present your evidence and photos to the judge.