Hippo Insurance review

Hippo, a relatively new insurer, sells condo and home insurance. Hippo uses technology-driven innovation to offer innovative coverages, as well as a variety of discounts. A free smart house kit is offered to all eligible customers. The discount is automatically applied when the kit is activated.

Hippo makes it easy to get a quote for your home insurance in just minutes. Is Hippo’s insurance right to you? Bankrate’s editorial team on insurance has reviewed Hippo’s coverage options, discounts, and third-party rankings in order to help you make an informed decision about your insurance coverage.

Hippo home insurance

Hippo recognizes the importance of technology to modern customers. Hippo offers modern coverage options like higher limits for electronics and appliances that can help you feel more secure with your insurance coverage.

Types of coverage

Many converges are included in home insurance policies. Hippo offers a variety of home insurance policy so that you can choose the policy that best suits your needs.

Hippo also offers standard home insurance policies such as dwelling coverage, personal property coverage and loss-of-use coverage. You may be able add unique options to your policy to increase your protection.

  • Hippo offers coverage for computer and home offices: Four times more than other companies. This is especially attractive if you work remotely.
  • Water backup coverage: This coverage covers water damage to your home and belongings if it backs up in the sewer or drain lines.
  • Hippo covers electronics and appliances: Hippo understands that today’s homes are technologically more advanced than ever before. It is possible to get coverage for appliances and electronics.
  • Increased rebuilding costs: You may be eligible to receive 25% more than the dwelling coverage amount for your home if it is completely destroyed.
  • Personal property replacement cost: This option pays for the replacement cost of your personal property, not depreciation.
  • Service line coverage: This coverage can pay for repairs if the sewer, gas, or water lines running between your house, and the street, are damaged or worn.
  • Hippo Home Care: This is not insurance coverage. However, Hippo has an Home Care program which can help you fix any problems in the home, hire contractors, and make recommendations for local professionals.

Hippo offers coverage in several states. Your options may vary depending on where your location is. You can get a quote online, or speak to a Hippo agent to find out what coverages you have.

Hippo home insurance discounts

Hippo has many ways to lower your premium. Hippo calculates your discounts during the online quote process to ensure you get the best rate.

Coupons Include

  • Discount for early signing: You might be eligible to receive a discount if you sign up for a Hippo Home Insurance policy at least eight business days before it takes effect.
  • HOA discount: Your home may be eligible for a discount on your homeowner’s insurance policy if it is under the control of an HOA. HOA quality standards can make your home less prone to theft or damage.
  • Discount for new homes: You might be eligible to save on your premium if your home was built recently or you purchased it within the past 12 months.
  • No mortgage discount: If you have no mortgage, you might be eligible for this discount on your home-insurance.
  • Hippo offers discounts on smart home devices like smoke detectors and smart alarm systems. Hippo has partnered up with Xfinity to provide even more savings for customers. Xfinity customers are eligible for a special homeowner rate with Hippo. They can get discounts up 25% depending on how many Xfinity smarthome devices they have installed in their homes. Hippo could send you a smart home kit free of charge and offer a discount after it has been activated.

As with coverage options, discounts are available based on where you live.

Hippo offers home insurance.

Hippo is expanding its coverage, but the company doesn’t currently offer condo and home insurance in all states. Coverage is currently not available in Idaho Montana Wyoming, North Dakota South Dakota, Iowa Oklahoma, Louisiana, Florida Florida, North Carolina West Virginia, New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island.

Each state may have different availability and coverage conditions.

Hippo purchased Spinnaker Insurance Company in June 2020. This was a national property insurance company that is licensed in all 50 US states. Hippo will be able to expand its market by having Spinnaker continue to operate as an independent company. However, the insurer will still underwrite certain policies.

Metromile and Hippo partnership

Hippo and Metromile announced in May 2021 a partnership that would offer consumers a discount for bundling. Hippo sells only home and condo insurance. Metromile sells auto insurance. You may be eligible for up to 15% off your Metromile and Hippo home or condo insurance policies.

Reviews, ratings, satisfaction, and complaints about Hippo

Canopius U.S. Insurance Company, Spinnaker Insurance Company, and Topa Insurance Company underwrite Hippo’s insurance policies. All three companies received an A- (Excellent), financial rating from AM Best.

Hippo has received 4.9 from 5.0, according to more than 2,000 reviews. Customers feel that coverage is affordable and easy to get, and that customer service agents are helpful and responsive.

Hippo Insurance is a great option for who?

Home insurance from Hippo is an excellent choice for those who have a smart home or who run a home office. Hippo offers increased coverage for technology, appliances, and home office equipment. This could be a benefit for those who live in more luxurious homes. Hippo’s Xfinity partnership provides significant savings through reduced rates for Xfinity customers as well as discounts for smart home systems.

Questions frequently asked

What are the benefits of a discount on smart home devices?

Insurance premiums are determined by risk. The early warning system of dangerous situations such as fire, smoke, and water damage, may be provided by smart home devices. This early warning can help you reduce the damage and make it easier for the insurance company to pay less. You may be eligible for a discount because of your lower risk.

How does Hippo handle insurance claims

You can reach Hippo at 855-999-9766, or by email to claims@hippo.com. A Claims Concierge will handle your case. This individual will be your only point of contact throughout the claim process. Your Claims Concierge will help you understand the process and how to proceed.

Does Hippo sell auto insurance?

Hippo does not sell condo or home insurance. Metromile and Hippo recently teamed up to offer customers a discount for bundling. You may be able to save money if you combine your Metromile auto and home insurance with Hippo.