Hit and Run Accident – How to Handle the Accident and the Insurance Claim

Hit and run accidents are more common than we think. Nearly 30% of drivers in the U.S. do not have insurance. This results in a high number of hit-and-run accidents every day. This situation can be confusing and may surprise you.

You should try to find out as much information as possible about the vehicle you are being hit in such a situation. You may not be able to do this because you might get hit in the parking lot.

If you are present, identify the model, type, and color. It would be great if you could get the license plate number. You should not engage in a car chase after a hit-and-run accident. It is impossible to know the reason for the vehicle running away or if they are dangerously armed. You will be punished if you break traffic laws. This applies even if you are involved in another accident or hit another person.

It is important to immediately call the police. This can often lead to frustration. Police will ask whether the hit-and-run accident occurred in a parking garage or if any injuries were sustained. The police won’t come to a parking lot if you are involved in a hit and run. They don’t have jurisdiction over the lot, and private property is not their responsibility. Sometimes, police officers will answer hit-and-runs in parking lots. Other times, they may only answer if there is injury. It is possible to end up with the bag.

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You can still contact the police to protect yourself. If the police do not arrive on the scene, you can file a “walk in report” at the nearest station. Before you leave, make sure to carefully examine and record the accident scene.

You should get as many details as possible about the scene and what happened. This will help you prove your case.

Next, you need to file a claim at your insurance company. You will need collision or uninsured motorcyclist property damage coverage (uninsured motorist injury if injuries) to be covered for hit-and-run accidents. A deductible will be added to your policy. Your insurance company may deny coverage if you don’t have either of these coverages.

The claim must be reported within a reasonable amount of time. Even if the claim is a walk in, you will need to file a police investigation. You can get your car fixed by going to the nearest police station and filling in the required forms. If you don’t file a report with the police or notify your insurance company within a reasonable amount of time, it could affect your coverage.

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The claim can be filed even before the police report is filed. Just make sure that you file the police report within a reasonable amount of time. Some police departments won’t accept walk-in reports for matters longer than three days. Others will allow you to file the report sooner. Try to submit the report by the deadline of three days.

Once you have the report, fax the fax to the insurance company. They will handle the hit-and-run accident and any damages. They will continue the police investigation to locate the responsible party. They will notify you if they are able collect and will refund your deductible in accordance with your state regulations.