Home Emergency Cover – What A Shower!

This may sound like something you might say about your bank or council, but we are referring to a feature that most modern homes have these days, and which is often ignored until it stops working. This is when you realize that you cannot wash your clothes properly. This is a very unpleasant proposition considering most people care about their appearance and hygiene. If it is important, why not make sure it is properly protected by purchasing home emergency coverage?

The cheapest type of coverage can be as low as PS0.10 per day! Just take a moment to think about this. What can you buy for PS0.10 today? There is no way you could buy a newspaper or stamp for PS0.10! This is a no-brainer when it comes to value for money. But, you don’t have to stop there. What about adding some protection for a few pennies more?

My oldest daughter, aged 21, finally made the leap to buy her own home. While I was happy that she was taking the first steps towards independence, my paternal instincts kicked in. I became an intrusive parent, to the point that I was almost expelled from her flat. She wanted me to help her move from her house to hers. After much deliberation, I gave in and made the numerous journeys to her flat with her belongings.

On one of these journeys, I asked her if she had made a decision about the type of insurance she would take out to protect her flat and all of her belongings. I was quickly placed in my place. She made it clear that she had complete control over all of that. I would kindly move the stuff to her flat and let it be.

It can be very frightening to have a premonition come true. One of those moments happened to me the second the phone rang. I checked the caller screen to confirm that it was my daughter calling. It appeared that her shower was not working properly, so I decided to go and have a look. I suggested that you call a plumber. It was because she hadn’t yet sorted it out.

The shower was “kaput” when I arrived at the site. It looked interesting enough to be of interest to Antiques Roadshow! A friend who was a plumber suggested that I call him and he would be happy to help me. It was expensive to replace the shower. Although it was not the best time to say, “I told you so”, after the 10th use of my bath by my little girl, I decided to voice my disapproval.

The shower was fixed eventually and she came in with a large envelope in her hands. It contained a shiny home-emergency policy document. But it was not a basic coverage, it was a complete one.

My two other children have now moved out and bought their own houses. And my oldest daughter made sure they took out home-emergency coverage!