How a speeding ticket impacts your insurance in Florida

In 2020, Florida saw 552,839 speeding ticket. This is a common ticket, so you might want to learn how speeding tickets can impact your auto insurance rates. This will help you prepare for potential insurance implications of a speeding ticket. It could also help to understand how to reduce your insurance costs if you have tickets.

Quadrant Information Services was used by Bankrate’s editorial staff to determine the current premium information for Florida drivers. This data was analyzed by insurance company and age to assist Florida drivers in understanding how speeding tickets can affect their auto insurance premiums.

What is the cost of a Florida speeding ticket?

There are two kinds of speeding tickets in Florida. Each type of speeding ticket has its own penalties and fines. A motorist who drives faster than the posted speed limit for the road conditions is subject to a basic speeding ticket. A driver who drives faster than the posted speed limit will be issued an absolute speeding ticket.

If you are found guilty for speeding, Florida can both assess monetary fines as well as add points to your driver’s license. Although the maximum penalty is $500, if you are found guilty of speeding in a school or construction zone, the maximum fine can be $1,000. Florida traffic tickets typically add three points on to your driver’s licence. Depending on the circumstances, however, you may be assessed more points.

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What does a speeding ticket do to your Florida car insurance?

Florida drivers who are cited for speeding may see their car insurance rates rise in addition to the fines and points. Gender and age are two of the most common factors used to rate car insurance premiums. Bankrate’s editorial staff has analysed the premium data to show the average increase in car insurance premiums taking these factors into consideration.

AgeBefore speeding tickets, average annual full coverage premiumAfter speeding tickets, average annual full coverage premium% Increase
Male 18-year-old$8,780$9,5188%
Female 18-year-old$7,554$8,0927%
Male aged 40$2,759$3,15314%
Female aged 40$2,783$3,16014%

While younger drivers pay more than older drivers because of inexperience, they see a lower percentage rise for speeding tickets than 40-year-olds. No matter how old you are, getting a Florida speeding ticket will likely increase your car insurance premium. Your driving record, ZIP code, and your car insurance company can all be factors that will determine your premium. This means that your premium could be lower or higher than the prices shown above.

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How to reduce your car insurance following a Florida speeding ticket

A Florida speeding ticket will increase your car insurance premium. However, there are steps you can take that could lower your car insurance. Speeding tickets are usually charged on your auto insurance policy for three- to five years. However, the exact length of your underwriting rules will determine.

Get estimates from other car insurance providers

Florida has many car insurance providers. Get quotes from other carriers to find out if there is a lower premium. Comparing quotes from multiple insurance companies will allow you to compare the best options for your situation.

Car insurance companyBefore speeding tickets, average annual full coverage premiumAfter speeding tickets, average annual full coverage premium% Increase
State Farm$1,453$1,68816%

*Premiums represent the average premium for full coverage annually for 40-year olds

You might also want to look at customer service reviews, claims satisfaction scores, financial strength scores and coverage options when comparing car insurance quotes. These factors can help you find the car insurance company that provides you with the coverage you need at a lower rate in Florida.

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Ask about discounts

You may be able to keep your current insurance company if you take advantage of as many discount as possible. Many insurance companies offer discounts that can offset an increase in premium due to a speeding ticket. There are many savings options available, including paperless billing discounts for vehicle safety features and paid-in full discounts.

Find a new car

While it is not an option for everyone, you may be able to lower your car insurance premium by getting a new car. The make/model of your car is one of the main factors that determines your car insurance rate. Your insurance premium could be lower if you choose a car that is cheaper to replace or repair. To ensure that you are not paying too much for your vehicle, you might want to ask your agent for a quote on a comparable car.

Modify your coverage

You may be able switch to liability coverage if you have full car coverage. This will allow you to reduce your premium. You should know that you won’t have coverage for any damage to your vehicle if you drop full coverage. Your insurance policy won’t cover repairs or replacement costs if you cause an accident, collide or hit a stationary object or hit a deer. Your lender may require that you maintain your full coverage if your vehicle was financed. Before making any changes to your coverage, you might want to review your policy with an agent.

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Additional speeding ticket considerations

There are many other things to consider when you receive a Florida traffic violation. Fines may be assessed. You may have to appear in court or hire a lawyer if you want to contest the ticket.

You could face additional penalties depending on the severity and driving record. A Florida driver’s license suspension can be imposed if you get 12 points within a 12-month period. Advanced Driver Improvement school may be required. This will incur additional costs and you must pay to get your license reinstated.

Questions frequently asked

Which insurance company is best for drivers who have been cited for speeding?

Each company has its own rating system for speeding tickets and its own algorithm to determine rates based on vehicle type, age, gender, and other factors. You may need to get quotes from multiple companies if you have a speeding ticket.

Does speeding ticket affect my insurance?

You have the option to either contest the ticket in court or take a driver improvement class. This could result in you not being convicted. A speeding ticket will not impact your insurance premiums if you are not convicted. Some companies also offer forgiveness packages for violators. Each company will have its own rules regarding coverage. However, if your driving record was clean before you were ticketed, your rate may not rise. Before you can receive a ticket, you must include violation forgiveness on your policy.

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How can tickets impact your insurance?

Insurance rates will be affected by moving violations such as speeding tickets, reckless driving citations, DUI or DWI convictions. Insurance premiums are not affected by non-moving violations such as parking violations and seat belt violations. Every company is unique, so it is worth checking the underwriting guidelines of your company to see how tickets are assessed.