How a speeding ticket impacts your insurance in Missouri?

Although it may not seem like the end, a speeding ticket can have more serious consequences than you might realize.A Missouri driver aged 40 who is cited for speeding will see his or her full coverage car insurance rates increase by 18%.Your full coverage auto insurance rate may increase by about 16% if you have Allstate and Progressive.

It is crucial to be familiar with Missouri’s speeding laws if you plan on driving in the state. This includes how much the fine costs, and how it may affect your car insurance rates.

What is the cost of a Missouri speeding ticket?

A Missouri speeding ticket costs based on the speed at which the driver exceeded the posted speed limit. In general, a speeding ticket in Missouri will cost between $123-$232. The fine will be $25 higher if you speed in a construction zone, school zone, or other areas.

In addition, Missouri uses a points system, where drivers collect points on their driver’s license based on certain offenses. Missouri drivers with eight points or more in 18 months will see their license suspended. A standard speeding ticket usually has three points.

What does a speeding ticket do to your Missouri car insurance?

Missouri drivers who are pulled over for speeding can expect a significant increase in their car insurance premium. Average rate increases for drivers aged 18 and 40 will be 14% and 18% respectively. Below is the table that shows the average full coverage premium for each age group before and after a speeding violation, along with the percentage increase. Remember that car insurance rates are dependent on many factors so your actual rates could differ.

The average car insurance rate for 18-year old drivers is higher than that of 40-year old drivers. Female drivers pay lower car insurance rates than their male counterparts.

How to reduce your car insurance following a Missouri speeding ticket

Missouri drivers who are pulled over for speeding will see their car insurance rates rise. There is nothing you can do to prevent a higher premium. There are many ways to save money on insurance after a speeding violation.

Get estimates from other car insurance providers

No matter your driving record, every car insurance company has a different rate. You can get quotes from different companies to find lower rates if your driving record is a factor in how much you pay for car insurance. The table below includes five popular car insurance companies in Missouri and their average annual full coverage premiums before and after a speeding ticket:

However, when comparing car insurance providers make sure you consider other factors than price. Good insurance companies will offer multiple discounts, comprehensive coverage options and positive reviews from existing policyholders.

Credit score improvement

High credit scores are often rewarded by lower car insurance rates. To potentially receive a lower car insurance premium, improve your credit score if your credit is in the good category (739 and below). Having great credit can lead to significant savings.

Bundle your policies

Missouri car insurance companies offer a policy bundle discount to drivers who buy their auto, home, renters, or life insurance policies with the same company. Bundling multiple insurance policies from different providers can save you money on your combined premium.

Additional speeding ticket considerations

Missouri drivers who are given a speeding ticket could face additional consequences, including a fine or higher car insurance rates. Drivers who are pulled over for exceeding the speed limit by more than 25 mph must appear in traffic court. Drivers who cause an accident due to speeding are also subject to a court order.

Questions frequently asked

Which insurance company is best for drivers who have been cited for speeding?

The best car insurance company for drivers with speeding tickets varies. It all depends on where the driver lives, what kind of coverage they need, and how much they are willing to spend. It is important to compare different providers and shop around for the best car insurance company.

What is the cost of Missouri car insurance?

The average cost of car insurance in Missouri is $1,661 per year for a full coverage policy and $468 per year for a minimum coverage policy. The average rate for full coverage auto insurance in the United States is $1674 per annum, and $565 for minimum coverage. Each driver will pay a different rate depending on their ZIP code, age and credit score. Also, the type of car they drive.

Missouri: How much is car insurance required?

Missouri’s car insurance laws state that every driver must carry at least 25/50/25 personal liability insurance and 25/50 uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. Insurance experts encourage drivers to increase their coverage or buy a comprehensive policy that includes collision coverage.