How a speeding ticket impacts your insurance in New York

What will be the impact on your insurance if you get a New York speeding ticket? Though there is not a set amount, it was found that a speeding ticket increased the average cost of car insurance in New York by 14%, according to Bankrate’s 2021 study of quoted annual premiums.

The reason behind increased premiums after a speeding ticket is sound: the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that one-third of all traffic fatalities are a result of speeding. There are ways to reduce your premium if you have a speeding ticket in the past.

What is the cost of a New York speeding ticket?

It is possible to wonder: “How much will my insurance increase after I get a speeding ticket?”. The answer depends on the severity of your speeding ticket. Your driving record and severity of the speeding ticket are two major factors that affect your insurance rates. Your premium will not be affected by a speeding ticket that is more than 10 mph. It can only affect you if your premium is 30 mph.

Unlike other states in the country, New York laws make it very clear what drivers can expect to happen after a speeding conviction. Speeding ticket costs in New York are as follows:

  • Maximum speed limit of 10 mph: Fines up to $45-$150 and possible jail time of up 15 days
  • Speed limit exceeded 11-30 mph: Fines up to $90-$300 and possible jail time of up 30 days
  • Exceeding 30 mph speed limit results in $180-$600 fines and possible jail time up to 30 days

For repeat offenses, drivers can expect to pay higher fines. License revocation will be possible for drivers who are convicted of three or more speeding offenses in a short period of time.

New York drivers are also liable for penalty points, also known as New York insurance points, for every violation they are convicted. These are the points for speeding:

  • 3 points: 1-10 mph
  • 4 points: 11-20 mph
  • 21-30 mph 6 points
  • 31-40 mph: 8 Points
  • 41 and above: 11 points

In New York, drivers who receive 11 points within an 18-month period are subject to potentially having their license suspended. Drivers who receive 11 points within an 18-month period could have their a data-ctaposition=”5″ data-linktype=”contentInline”>license suspended.

How does a speeding ticket affect your New York car insurance?

According to a study conducted by the NHTSA, young men are 50% more likely to speed than women. Furthermore, in 2019 the International Institute for Highway Safety found that 71% of all traffic-related deaths were men. 27% of those deaths were directly related to speeding.

The good news is that men’s driving habits tend towards settling down around the age of 40. This is why women and men pay very similar amounts.

While women over 40 might pay slightly more for car insurance if they have a clean driving record than men, speeding is generally a greater offense than for women.

How to reduce your car insurance following a New York speeding ticket

New York speeding tickets usually result in higher insurance premiums. There are ways drivers can lower their monthly insurance costs. These strategies should be used as long as drivers do not have any convictions.

Get estimates from other car insurance providers

Each insurance company has a different percentage of rates that increase after a speeding ticket. The table below shows that some insurance companies raise rates more than others. For this reason, drivers should consider shopping around after receiving a speeding ticket, as they may save a significant amount of money by changing providers.

It may be helpful to look into the J.D. of each company before you rate it. You can also check out customer reviews and power ratings. This will allow you to determine whether you are interested in working with a company. Some providers may be better for claims than others.

Driving Safety Course – PIRP

Standing for “Point and Insurance Reduction Program,” New York’s PIRP program can help drivers remove points from their record and save a percentage on their insurance premiums. The course is free, but drivers can complete it online at their own pace. The course will not erase the violation from your record but could remove points that could prevent you from losing your license.


Bundling discounts are common but they are one of the most powerful discounts on the market. Bundling is when you buy more than one policy from the same company. Bundling car insurance policies with homeowners, renters, and life insurance can help you get a discount. Although the savings drivers get by bundling vary from provider to provider, many companies offer significant discounts to customers who have multiple policies.

Additional speeding ticket considerations

Should someone’s drivers license be suspended after receiving too many New York speeding tickets, there is a suspension termination fee of $50. The fee could be as high as $100 if it was assessed for an alcohol-related incident. This fee can be paid online, by mail or at the local DMV office. You will need your DMV Number, your birthday, and the last four numbers of your Social Security Number to do this.

Questions frequently asked

Which insurance company is best for drivers who have been cited for speeding?

The best insurance companies for drivers with speeding tickets will vary per person. Rates are adjusted for each company based on their rating factors. Comparing quotes from different companies after a speeding ticket can help you decide which company offers the best rate and coverage.

Is there an average New York insurance price without a speeding ticket, and what is it?

New Yorkers pay $2,321 annually on average for full-coverage car insurance. The average U.S. price for full coverage car insurance is $1,674 per year. However, the exact price drivers pay is based on a variety of factors, some of which include driving history, car make and model, driver age and ZIP code.

What is the best New York insurance company?

Every driver has different insurance needs. J.D. Quadrant Information Services provided data on average premium costs and customer satisfaction scores for Power customers. We have found several top providers in New York based on this criteria, but each driver likely has their own needs.