How a speeding ticket impacts your insurance in North Carolina

Aspeeding ticket in North Carolina could have lasting financial and life consequences. Besides the fine itself, a North Carolina speeding ticket increased the cost of car insurance by 55% on average, according to Bankrate’s 2021 study of quoted annual premiums. Courts in North Carolina report citations and convictions to the DMV. Your insurance company will find out that you were cited after you drive over the posted limit. It is important to avoid tickets. There are ways to save money on your car insurance premiums if you have been cited for speeding in North Carolina.

What is the cost of a North Carolina speeding ticket?

North Carolina’s speed ticket costs are relatively low. It is the court and administrative costs that add up as well as the impact on your insurance rates. The speeding ticket cost North Carolina is at least $188 for the court costs alone, plus the rate associated with the speeding excess itself. Here is how the overall fine is determined:

  • Driving between 0 and 5 miles per hour (mph), over the speed limit is $10 plus any costs
  • Speed limit violation: $6 to 10 mph
  • Speed limit violation: $15 to $30 plus additional costs
  • Driving 16 mph faster than the speed limit, or higher: $50 plus fees
  • Speeding in school or work zones: $250 plus fees

Besides the financial impact, repeat offenders may face having their licenses suspended after too many points. The fee to have a driver’s license restored after too many speeding tickets is $70 for the restoration and an additional $50 service fee.

How does a speeding ticket affect your North Carolina car insurance?

Bankrate’s data on how much insurance increases after a speeding ticket has been determined by driver age and sex. The base rate for motorists is often different depending on the driver’s sex. Statistics for male and female motorists in a state usually show that one gender is more likely to be involved in accidents or safer than the other. While women are known to be less risky drivers in general, North Carolina insurance rates show that females pay more for vehicle coverage than men, even with a clean record.

Bankrate’s data shows that one speeding ticket can lead to a significant increase in your premiums. Speeding can be a costly and risky habit that can have financial consequences in the long-term.

How to reduce your car insurance following a North Carolina speeding ticket

North Carolina drivers who have been cited for speeding can find it helpful to learn that there are still ways to cut down on their car insurance. These are some ideas to consider:

Get estimates from other car insurance providers

No standard rate increases are based on what type of ticket you receive. A speeding ticket could cause a significant difference in the premiums of two drivers who are insured by different companies. The chart below shows that some North Carolina car insurance companies are more accommodating about speeding tickets than others.

You can see that the same coverage level could cost you nearly twice depending on which carrier you choose. Drivers might consider getting multiple quotes for car insurance to see if they can save money by switching to other insurers after discovering that their premiums could rise after a citation. To make sure you’re making the right decision, consider the price of the policy, as well as independent reviews and ratings from customers.

Change your coverage

You might consider changing your vehicle insurance to lower your coverage limits if the new rate is too high. You can also increase your deductible to save money, provided you are willing to take on more financial responsibility in case of an accident. You should remember that safe driving is even more important than ever.

Take a driver training course

North Carolina state laws allow drivers with four points or more to attend a driver improvement course once every five years. You may need to qualify first and attend a hearing with an administrative hearings officer, and a $70 course fee will be required. After completing the course, you’ll receive three points. These improvements in your driving record could lead to lower premiums for your insurer when you renew your policy.

Additional speeding ticket considerations

In some situations, a North Carolina speeding ticket may be waivable — meaning you may not have to appear in court and can simply pay it online. Accepting the right to waive and paying it in full without a hearing is a sign that you are guilty.

Minor speeding tickets are usually waived. Check the notes of the officer to find out if you need to appear in court or if the ticket can be paid in full without a court visit. Law enforcement usually indicates whether the offense can be waived.

Questions frequently asked

Which insurance company is best for drivers who have been cited for speeding?

Most of the best car insurance companies raise premiums significantly after a speeding ticket in North Carolina. Based on Bankrate’s review, Metlife and Amtrust Financial have the lowest rates for citations. Rates will vary depending on your unique situation.

What is the best way to get North Carolina’s drivers license points removed

Drivers with four points or greater are allowed to take a driver improvement class once every five years by the state. A hearing with an administrative hearings officer may be required to determine your eligibility. After completing the course, you will be awarded three points.

What is the cost of a North Carolina speeding ticket?

North Carolina’s speeding tickets cost at most $188 in court/administrative costs and the fine for speed overage. A speeding ticket in North Carolina costs between $10 and $5 per mile. For 16 or more miles, there will be a $50 fine. No matter how fast you go, the penalty for speeding in school or work zones is $250.