How a speeding ticket impacts your insurance in Oklahoma

In 2019, there were 8,901 speeding-related accidents in Oklahoma, a 3.7% increase from 2018. Positively, the number of speed-related deaths in 2019 (112), was down 15.8% from 2018’s 133.

Speeding can be costly in Oklahoma as well with fines imposed up to $213 for a first offense. In addition, speeding violations will typically cause annual car insurance premiums to increase an average of $388 above the national average for premiums. Premiums for both male and female 40-year-old drivers in Oklahoma typically rise by 19% after a speeding ticket.

What is the cost of a speeding ticket for Oklahoma?

There are two categories of speeding laws in Oklahoma:

  • Basic speeding lawsOklahoma drivers must maintain a safe driving speed under all road conditions and circumstances. This means drivers must drive at safe speeds regardless of the posted speed limit.
  • Absolute limitsOklahoma drivers cannot exceed posted speed limits under any circumstances.

Speeding violations can lead to a fine, jail time or both. The potential fines are:

  • $10 per mile over the limit
  • $20 for speeds between 11 and 15 mph above the limit
  • $35 for speeds between 16 and 20 mph above the limit
  • $75 for speeds between 21 and 25 mph above the limit
  • $135 for 26-30 mph above the limit
  • $155 for any speed between 31 and 35 mph above the limit
  • $205 for speeds of 36 mph and more than the limit

Maximum jail time is ten days for the first offense, twenty days for the second offense within one year, and six months for any third or subsequent offense within one year.

What does a speeding ticket do to your Oklahoma car insurance?

In Oklahoma, a conviction for speeding will usually lead to significant increases in premiums. Oklahoma is contrary to the usual trend of faster post-speeding rate increases for women than men. Typically, speeding has a greater impact on males who are statistically viewed as higher risk drivers than females. However, Oklahoma’s rates for speeding are higher for female drivers aged 18 years old than for male drivers. They are slightly lower for male speeders.

After you get a speeding ticket, some insurance companies that will work with you to find an affordable policy despite your speeding history. Compare insurance quotes from Oklahoma to find the best options.

How to reduce your car insurance following a speeding violation in Oklahoma

You cannot completely erase the consequences of a speeding ticket. You may be able find ways to reduce your insurance costs so that the speeding ticket is not on your driving record.

Get estimates from other car insurance providers

All automobile insurance companies examine a wide variety of factors in calculating premiums, and Oklahoma insurers are no different. Even if you don’t have a speeding ticket, it is a good idea to get quotes from multiple companies.

The chart below demonstrates this. Although the five most well-known car insurers can all expect to raise premiums after a ticket is issued, the rates of increase vary greatly from one carrier to another.

You can use research resources to help you find the best coverage to meet your needs and at affordable prices. You and your family deserve the best coverage. You should look at key factors such as financial strength, add-ons and discounts, reputation for customer service, and handling claims.

Look for discounts

Pay close attention to the discounts that your insurance company offers. Compare their rates with other carriers. Many carriers offer a discount for combining your auto and home insurance. Discounts are also offered if you insure more than one vehicle with the same insurer.

Other discounts may be available depending on where you live, what vehicle you drive, and your age. You can also make your carrier’s administrative tasks easier by using paperless billing or automatic premium payments.

Do you have the ability to modify current coverages?

Like most states, Oklahoma law requires drivers to maintain certain minimum levels of liability coverage. These limits cannot be changed, but if your car is older and you don’t have a loan, Redford might offer coverage that will cover the damage to your vehicle.

Additional speeding ticket considerations

Oklahoma has a mandatory point system which impacts your driving privileges and your car insurance premiums. If you speed 25 mph faster than the posted speed limit, you may receive two points and three points respectively. Two points can be removed after a year without any citations.

Questions frequently asked

Which insurance company is best for drivers who have been cited for speeding?

There are many good auto insurance companies with years of experience in dealing with drivers with challenging driving records, including speeding. Compare the scores of several to compare and get quotes to see which one is best for you. These will help you find the best policy for your needs.

What do I have to tell my insurance company about a speeding ticket

This information is not required to be disclosed to your carrier. Your insurance company may learn about a speed violation during renewal.