How Auto insurance companies are helping SUV owners get out of debt

Would you believe that there was a way to get your auto insurer to forgive the lien on your car? We didn’t say it legally. It’s possible! Here’s how an SUV owner managed to get his auto insurance provider to pay off their debt. And how it was finally put out of its misery.

What happened

Is there anyone who hasn’t felt the effects of the recession in some way? It doesn’t matter if you’re watching businesses go out of business or seeing more computer programmers living on the streets, it’s hard to ignore the consequences of our economy’s decline. As with all drooping economy, there are many people who can’t meet their financial obligations.

What’s a driver to think of other than to blow up their car and get the insurance payment?

First, it is legal to set your car ablaze. It’s legal! The problem is that regardless of how you use it, you still have to make the payments on it. Unless you report it as an injury, maximize your GAP insurance, and convince your auto insurer to give you a check guaranteed to get out of debt.

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The idea was conceived by a dealership in California, which had many SUV drivers who wanted to swap their expensive, gas-guzzling SUVs with a cheaper, more efficient model. The group formed an arson ring to connect their clients with an arsonist, who would gladly “steal” their vehicle and drive it to remote locations before setting it on fire. They could then cry when the police showed up at their door and file insurance claims to have the vehicle totaled.

One swipe of a match can solve all your debt problems

How They Were Captured (And Why You Might Too)

Despite the jokes about pork products, law enforcement isn’t as stupid as many criminals would like them to believe. Arson investigators will soon realize that this is a fraud and they will be able to provide the reasons why.

1) An accelerant is required to torch an SUV faster that the fire department can arrive and put out the flames. Contrary to popular belief an arson investigator will notice gas trails across the front seat.

2) The owner of most car fires can be found nearby. If they find a car, truck, or SUV that is badly damaged in a fire, they will ask questions. Particularly if the car has been reported stolen for a brief period of time.

Even more so if GAP insurance was purchased by the owner prior to the fire.

The cops finally set up a trap and caught the arsonists in the act. They brought them down with the rest of the arson rings in a blaze full of glory and the ashes and hope.

This just shows that even though it may be profitable in the short-term, the long-term consequences of auto insurance fraud are not worth it. You can sell your SUV and get a new start with a smaller, more fuel-efficient model like a small two-door hatchback. You’ll be a blessing to your bank account and your privacy.

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