How Do You Find People To Buy Insurance?


This seems like a sensible question and I am often asked it. This question is a sign that you are in trouble. You don’t know what it takes to start an insurance company.

You’ll likely fail because you don’t know how to create a business and generate revenue. As 85% of people who enter the industry fail within their first 18 months, you’re also likely to fail. These are not my statistics. These statistics are provided by the insurance companies. They are not very flattering for the industry, so I suspect they could be even worse.

If you ask “How can I find”, it means that you are still looking for prospects and searching for them. Instead of focusing on finding, you should focus on being found. Huh? Huh?

You ask “…to purchase insurance. This tells me that you don’t know what you’re selling. You’ve been misled. It’s not your fault. One of the life insurance companies sent me an email about their new brochure and wanted to sell it to me. Their new, amazing brochure is worth far less than the paper on which it was printed and the ink that was used to print it. They don’t even get it.

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Selling solutions, outcomes and results is a difficult task. You will be pulling a heavy truck behind you. People don’t want insurance. Insurance is an expense that most people don’t want or don’t need.

They don’t want to be trapped by an “insurance agent”, and that is what they do not want. Oh, no! I’m going to pull my fingernails out with a pair pliers. That’s their reaction to you.

You’re misused, abused, and misusing your computer from every angle. Your prospects believe you are low-life or that you would have a job. However, your family pressures you to find a job. Your sales manager presses you to sell something. And your ego is so low, you need a ladder to climb up the curb. You know what? You are my hero.

Why? Stick-to-ittiveness is what you are. This article will help you find a solution to any problem you may encounter.

Making yourself easily found is the key. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Pick one problem, solution or outcome that you are familiar with and help a particular group of people.
  • Get their attention by talking to them about a single big problem, solution or outcome. Don’t mention anything about your company.
  • At this point, you’ve gained their attention and interest. Now all you need to do is engage them
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You might be thinking, “How can it be so simple, when I am beating my head against brick walls until I’m bleeding, and it’s not working?” It is simple. The reason it has been so difficult up to now is that you approach getting new clients with a “finding” mindset instead of a “findable” mindset. It’s okay to let it go.

You’ve made people interested in hot dogs. Slow down and take a deep breath. You need to now sort and choose so that you can focus your energy and time on the people who are ready to buy right now.

This is a great way to get rid of your guts. You can literally waste 2% of your leads if you don’t act quickly enough. This leaves you with a lot of potential clients who are perfectly qualified and will not work with you because of the way you approached them. The way you begin the sales process will determine the outcome.

You may think you are a wacked-out sales manager and that it is because you don’t know how close. But he’s wrong. It’s not because you don’t know how to close the sale. Stop trying to chase people who haven’t purchased from you to this point. They aren’t likely to buy from you again.

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Don’t waste time crying about spilled milk. Learn from your mistakes and avoid making them again. You will now help all those who aren’t ready buyers to become buyers. You’ll develop a relationship and build upon the initial contact.

Here are a few more points: Never forget to give instant gratification and easy triggers. Once someone finds you, don’t make it difficult to take action. You can give them quick, low-risk, and easy ways to raise their hand. Then let them know that you think they have what you want. Once they raise their hand, you will want to get an immediate response.

You’ll be amazed at the difference in your results if your question is changed to “How do I make myself more searchable for a particular outcome that people want?” It will increase sales. You might even be angry. Why are you so mad? You’ll wonder if the sales manager was trying sabotage your business. He didn’t. He doesn’t know better.