How does a DUI affect your insurance rate?


When determining the price of your auto insurance premium, the most important factor is your driving record. It can be more difficult to get affordable auto insurance if you have a driving under the Influence/while intoxicated (DUI/DWI).

Ohio drivers with a DUI can expect to pay more for their car insurance than those without.

What does a DUI do to your insurance rates?

The state where the DUI conviction occurred will have a significant impact on your insurance rates. Ohio has a higher DUI penalty than the national average. Ohio drivers can expect to see their insurance premiums rise by 111% after one DUI.

Average DUI rates for the United States vs. their respective states

Pre-DUIAfter DUIPercentage increase

What is the cost of insurance for a DUI in Ohio

Insurance costs for DUI victims in Ohio vary depending on which insurance company they choose. High-risk drivers who have been convicted of DUI will not be covered by all insurance companies. However, some will. Each carrier offers a different minimum coverage rate with a DUI conviction. They also offer their own discounts that eligible drivers can use in order to lower their premium. Below is a table that shows the prices of auto insurance companies in Ohio before and after a DUI conviction.

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Ohio provider rates for minimum coverage before and after DUI

ProviderAverage minimum coverage rateDUI coverage minimum rate
American Family$388$408
Hastings Mutual$292$1,288
State Farm$288$457

Ohio provider rates for minimum coverage before and after DUI

ProviderBefore DUI, average full coverage rateFull coverage with DUI
American Family$343$949
Hastings Mutual$666$2,584
State Farm$1,363

Other Ohio DUI penalties

A DUI conviction in Ohio is known as “operating the vehicle under the influence” (OVI). It applies to drivers whose blood alcohol content (BAC), is 0.08 or higher. Drivers who are convicted of DUI will be subject to additional penalties. Ohio’s DUI penalties are some of the harshest in the United States. Here are some things drivers should know after getting a DUI in Ohio.

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Frequency of offensePenalty
First offensePrison sentences of three days up to six months
Fines from $375 to $1,075
Suspend your license for one-three years
Second offenseFrom 10 days to six month imprisonment
Fines from $525 to $1,625
Suspend your license for one-to seven years
Third offense30-days to one year imprisonment
Fines from $850 to $2,750
Suspend your license for two to twelve years

Drivers may also be subject to penalties and receive new yellow license plates that indicate restricted driving privileges. Drivers may also be required to install an interlock device in their vehicle. Drivers with BAC levels above 0.17% will be charged with an aggravated OVI, which can lead to harsher penalties.

Questions frequently asked

What length of time does a DUI stay on your Ohio record?

Ohio law states that you cannot erase an OVI conviction. These convictions will therefore remain on your record indefinitely. The Driver Abstracts used by insurance companies to assess risk are only valid for three years. Therefore, you will be able to get lower rates after this period.

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Which insurance company is best for Ohio DUI-insured drivers?

Your specific needs will determine which insurance company is best. Many Ohio insurance companies are willing to offer coverage for high-risk drivers who have a DUI conviction. You should shop around for the best coverage, discounts and financial strength to suit your needs.

Is your Ohio DUI conviction a reason for your Ohio license being suspended?

Yes, once you are arrested for drunk driving suspicion, an automatic, instant administrative license suspension will be issued. Your mandatory sentencing for a conviction in court will likely include an additional suspension of your license.