How Much Does Ambulance Cost With Insurance?

Ambulance costs can be quite costly, especially if you or a loved one ends up in the hospital. In this blog post, we will explore how ambulance costs with insurance work and what factors can affect them. We will also provide a few tips to help you save money on ambulance services.

What is Ambulance Insurance?

Ambulance insurance is important for those who may need it in the event of an emergency. Ambulance services can range in price, but most ambulance rates are based on a sliding scale. For example, a basic ambulance ride will cost around $1,000 without insurance, while an expedited ambulance ride will cost upwards of $10,000. It’s important to remember that not all ambulance services are covered by insurance.

There are a few different types of ambulance insurance policies available, including hospital indemnity, which pays for the costs of care if you’re admitted to the hospital after being transported in an ambulance; evacuation insurance, which covers transportation costs should you be airlifted or sent by vehicle to a medical facility; and general liability, which protects you from lawsuits filed by others who were involved in your emergency situation.

In order to find the best policy for you, it’s important to speak with your insurance company representative. They can help you determine what type of coverage is best for you and how much it will cost per month.

What is Covered by Ambulance Insurance?

Ambulance insurance covers the costs of transportation to and from the hospital, including charges for the ambulance ride itself. This type of coverage is typically required by employers who provide health insurance benefits to their employees, but it can also be purchased as a standalone policy. In some cases, Medicare will cover ambulance expenses.

How Much Does Ambulance Cost With Insurance?

A basic ambulance service typically costs around $2,000-$5,000 with insurance. However, the price can vary depending on the insurer and the area. Some ambulance services will also require a deposit in advance.


Ambulance costs can vary a lot depending on the location and time of the emergency. However, with the right insurance, most ambulance services are covered by most health plans. If you’re not sure if your plan covers ambulance services, be sure to ask your provider. In some cases, private ambulance companies may also be available for an additional fee.