How much does it cost to insure an Audi A4?

The Audi A4 luxury compact sports sedan is available in several configurations, including the sportier S-Line model. Luxury sports sedan owners know that reliability is not always the best option. They can expect that their car will be in service more often than normal. This is common when you purchase a high-tuned sports car. The A4 is a compact sports sedan that’s reliable and stands out from the rest. Consumer Reports ranked Audi A4 #1 for reliability. This is a perfect score.

Bankrate discovered that the average annual cost of full-coverage car insurance for Audi A4 is just $2,000 per year. This could be partly due to the fact that the average time spent at the mechanic is lower than average.

Other factors that can affect the Audi A4’s insurance rates are reliability, vehicle age, driving record, and level of coverage. It is possible to find the lowest car insurance rates on your Audi A4. This will help you understand how different factors could impact your premium.

This review includes models:
This review is focused on the Audi A4 with its various configurations. It starts at $39,000.100 for a base model in 2021. The rates below are for comparison purposes and reflect the quoted annual premiums of a 2019 Audi A4.

What is the cost of insurance for an Audi A4

The average cost for car insurance on an Audi A4 is $2,000 per year for full coverage. While this figure is based on the annual premiums quoted, it will not be your actual rate. Your premiums can be affected by many factors, including your model year, trim level, and optional equipment. These are some vehicle-related factors that can affect your Audi A4 car insurance cost:

  • Crash rate statistics per make/model: The Audi A4 was a Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, (IIHS), Top Pick and received top scores. The IIHS also awarded 2021 models with optional safety equipment a “superior” rating. The Audi A4’s reputation for being a safe vehicle in an accident may explain why premiums for insurance are lower than the average vehicle class.
  • Prices of parts: Audi is a German luxury vehicle manufacturer. Due to high import costs, parts tend to be more expensive than the average. This is why rates for the Audi A4 may be higher than for a 2019 Toyota Camry. Bankrate calculates national average annual rates.
  • Safety features: The newer Audi A4 models have collision-prevention and driver assistance equipment that has earned it a high safety rating from the IIHS. Standard features include running daytime headlights, side-mounted front and rear overhead curtains, and driver/passenger/passenger knee Airbags. There are also optional lane departure warning/prevention, blind-spot detectors, and optional blind-spot detectors.

Audi A4 insurance

It is important to remember that car insurance rates can vary depending on your vehicle and personal circumstances. However, these rates will give you an idea of what you might pay annually for insurance to cover minimum and complete coverage for your Audi A4.

The full coverage for an Audi A4 is more expensive than the national average. This is due to the cost of repairs and replacements. Original parts for Audi A4 may be more costly because they are imported. Additionally, technicians who specialize in luxury European vehicles tend to charge higher labor fees. Repairing an Audi after a collision or other covered peril can cost more than the average.

Audi A4s: The cheapest car insurance

Comparing quotes from local providers can help you find lower rates on Audi A4 insurance. If you select the right carrier, you can save even more on your coverage.

These five insurance companies are the most popular by market share and offer Audi A4 coverage across the country. USAA is available only to military personnel and their families, while the rest of insurance companies provide coverage for drivers of all ages and geographical locations. The insurance coverage you receive will vary depending on which company you choose. The national average is $2,000 per year for full coverage. However, the table below illustrates how this amount can vary from one car insurance company to the next. Our research revealed that the market leaders offered premiums significantly lower than the national average of 2019 A4s.

Audi A4 features that can impact insurance costs

The Audi A4 is a great entry-level luxury sports sedan. It’s reliable and has high safety ratings, making car insurance less expensive for luxury-car owners. The following features might help to keep your coverage affordable:

  • Standard daytime running lamps: They improve A4 visibility for other drivers.
  • Side seat airbags: These help reduce the risk of serious injury in side collisions.
  • Lane departure warning and prevention: These safety features can be added to your vehicle to warn you if you drift because of drowsiness, distractions, or before you collide or hit another vehicle or object. Your A4 will not drift out of or change lanes by using Lane Departure Prevention.

Additional car insurance coverages for an Audi A4

Although full coverage is more costly, it is necessary if you need financial protection to fix or replace your vehicle. As you can see, full coverage includes comprehensive and collision coverage. These are not required in all states but can cause significant damage that will be difficult to pay for.

Comprehensive and collision insurance may be necessary if you intend to finance the purchase of an Audi. Gap insurance will ensure that you don’t owe the lender more than your insurance company will pay in the event your Audi A4 is damaged.