How This Online Mutual Fund Software Technology Can Become an Intrinsic Part of Distributor Business

The Wealth analysis report is a web-based solution to manage client wealth reports. It can be used for any asset such as MFs or bonds, FDs, and shares. The Mutual Fund Software for ifa has many modules, including the front end module that allows you to access valuation reports. There are many utility options available. This can be accessed by your RMs/sub-brokers. Back office functions such as CRM maintenance, maintenance of brokerage modules, and new SIP registrations are all possible with the back end module.

Software attributes include:

  • Online purchasing is possible with the availability of current forms.
  • Upload of files to reconcile AUM daily.
  • As well as allowing customization of brokerage files, it allows for easy entry/change of different brokerage and sub-brokerage arrangements.
  • As we offer differentiation on ARN, brokerage, sub-brokerage and MF performance reports, it is possible to generate sub brokers sales performance in corporates.
  • 100% data security.

It is clear that mutual funds are highly competitive. Every person thinks they can gain from investing. This makes it necessary for MFDs and IFAs to utilize the technology in mobile world. The mutual fund software for IFA called “wealth e Office” is beneficial and useful for any advisory business.

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Software advisor allows customers to be notified about mutual fund transactions. This includes alerts for SIP and investment values. Your advisor can help you set an alert so that you can get your portfolio value and redeem any money that you don’t want.

You can include allotment units, its status, redemption requests status, month end portfolio value (even daily, if client wants), etc. via email or text messaging. Clients will receive the valuation report in a very short time.

The SOA tool is available for free or very little cost. If you find any errors in your software client reports or want to correct them, you can bring it up to your after-sales.

Software for mutual funds allows you to track money flows in different sectors. This includes the amount of money that is going into each sector as well as the type of investors who are putting it in. A good money market software solution will allow you to offer better client service, as well as the right technology that will improve your clients experience, work productivity, and ultimately, your revenue potential.

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