How to Ask Questions Resulting in Sales

Do not dig the hole. Insurance agents have been taught tricks that haven’t worked in 50 years. Insurance agents are instructed to ask the following question at the beginning of the presentation. Would you agree to let me show you a way of protecting your future? You haven’t found the emotional need, and you are still six feet below. Good luck getting back on your feet. A client won’t respond positively until they are confident that your product will meet his needs for insurance.

There are nine ways to phrase questions that will help you make decisions. We will be focusing on the first.

YES or NO QUESTIONS The paragraph above explains how to phrase questions that ask for a yes/no answer. An insurance sales representative should not assume that getting five to eight responses will result in a desired return answer, contrary to how they were trained. You aren’t getting any sales if you don’t get responses. A lack of response often means that you didn’t ask the right question.

ALTERNATE QUALITIES This has been one of my favourite sales techniques. This type of question can be used in two places: when you are first finding out the facts and when you close the deal. A representative for insurance might say that clients often seek coverage to fill a gap in their protection or benefits that will return cash. Which of these are you most concerned about?” Your prospect will never be able to answer alternative questions.

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Here’s a final tip: “The cost is $$$, when I fill out the application.” This is a better alternative. “I will show you two different options of the coverage that you are interested in.” The first plan will cover your basic needs. The second plan covers more luxurious and is preferred by most of my clients. I will show you both and let you choose which one best suits your needs. If you get a NO answer, you are not a prospect. You are a tire kicker. Get your stuff packed and go.

ACTIVE QUALITIES This type question cannot be answered with a simple yes or no. This question should be answered by a thoughtful response. Example: “What would your plan do with the cash this retirement plan will acquire?” How would you pay your monthly house payment if you became disabled? “Would your mother need serious care? Would she live with you or go to a nursing home? These are great questions to help you indirectly determine the need for insurance.

ASSUMPTIVE LOCKING-IN QUESTIONS Sometimes you cannot tell if your client is on your side or still skeptical. Before you get objections, your client should show you that they understand what you are trying to say. You want to get the client to agree to your points. Here are some examples: “It seems like you care about not only your future but also the future of your wife and children, isn’t that right?” You want to preserve your savings, correct me if I’m wrong. Do you want me to continue explaining the benefits that you would receive?

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You can also check out these five additional types of questions to help increase your sales.