How to Avoid Losing Money – Internet Insurance Leads

Internet Business Opportunity of the Century. There are 1,500,000 life, annuity and health insurance agents that have been misled into believing this is an easy job to make $100,000 per year. They need life insurance leads to speak to people and sell to survive.

There are many leads that a business can produce for insurance products with minimal cost and ethics. Agents are willing to listen and take your calls. It’s a lot more efficient than spending hours on the phone marketing to just get one lead or appointment. These agents will not be available next year. Another 300,000 potential agents will be available to fill the gap in the lead business.

This does not mean that every internet lead provider for insurance is ethical. The same could be said about a carnival midway with booths advertising their incredible abilities and challenges. Your profit margin of 5 clients per week, buying $600 worth leads, could easily generate a sweet $100,000 yearly income with no effort.

Firms with low quality leads will be enticed with $10.00 life insurance leads. Agents will rush to get you. Telephone telemarketing was used by them before. It was free but not effective in producing leads. These insurance agents then tried unsuccessful email lists. They quickly discovered that trash costs $5 per lead and $50 each. They still dream of a magical way to make it rich as insurance agents. You can price internet leads at almost any price. Adjusting to their dreams will help them achieve their goals.

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Let’s get to the point. For as low as $40.00, you can get a very high-quality direct mail lead. A client should receive an internet lead of equal quality for $40.00. A $500 commission for 50 leads, $500 to 20 exclusive leads and $500 for 30 unworked leads can easily make an insurance agent a success. It is difficult to get $1,500 to establish a quality lead acquisition program. Many agents lack maturity in prospecting. They believe that sales is just a game of numbers. See more, Sell more. Close rates for internet sales leads range from 10% to 50%. (70% if direct mail).

An agent earning around $23,000 per year is the average. His hourly rate is $13.00. A $20 online life insurance lead will give you a 25% closing percentage. Your gas and time are also used for another 3 hours. To make one sale, you will need to spend $246.000. A $10 lead and a 10% closing rate will make a sale cost you almost $600.00. These leads are comparable to a $40 high quality lead. The presentation time for high quality leads is shorter and they are more profitable. For a $40 lead, you will need to spend $130. These are the results you will see.

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Insurance agents who get free internet leads, test leads or $10 leads rarely last more than a year and half. It will be difficult for insurance agents to make a decent income with just a few referrals or $20 internet leads. The most successful independent agents are those who use high-quality leads from a trusted list provider, which range in price from $40-60.

LEAD SUPPLIER TICKS Do your know how often a lead is worked? Do you know where it came from? Are you aware of how lead companies work with other companies to get leads? Non-exclusive leads can be given to up to 12 agents (figure twice the amount). The closing rate for an internet listing company is between 7% and 10%. It’s easy to see why. Agents are told that they are the exclusive lead. How can the agent be sure that it hasn’t been used by a direct telephone sales company and then sold to your list company at a discount? The lead will be exclusive for 21 days if you are first to take it. The lead is then sold over and over as a non-exclusive one.

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Are you unsure if the lead is from a prospect or a scammer? Prospects are interested in your product. A sucker is someone who can’t say no and has strong emotions. It would surprise you to see how many sucker lists there are. There are many people who have purchased multiple times from the same 2 minute TV commercials. You know that the internet leads suppliers for life insurance are a great source of leads for selling insurance agents.

One concern is present in the internet-based lead business. It’s not whether the client receives the right insurance from qualified agents. The real issue isn’t whether insurance agents sell, or how many sales it takes. It is all about how many leads can be generated with minimal investment.

If you think money is more important that ethics, consider how inexpensive it is to start an internet-based business that sells leads to endless life and insurance agents.