How to Become an Independent Insurance Adjuster

Many people want to know how to become an adjuster in insurance. My first response is always, “What type of adjuster would you like to be?” Your motivation is key to success in insurance adjusting. You don’t need a degree and are just thrown into a group of adjusters who THINK they want it.

Adjusting can be done in many different areas. Look around you. Nearly everything that has value is covered by insurance. This includes houses, boats, commercial buildings, cars, and trucks. Independent adjusters are the most common way to get into insurance adjusting. Sometimes, independent adjusters are also known as CAT (catastrophe adjusters). These adjusters are responsible for responding to claims within the prescribed timeframes. These adjusters are independent and work only on a need basis. They are most often called upon to help with hurricanes and hailstorms.

It is very easy to become an adjuster. You can take a pre-licensing course in most states, including Texas. After the class is over, you’ll be required to pass a test. After passing the test, you will receive a certificate. This certificate should be submitted to the state along with your application. Within a few weeks you will become an adjuster.

So what? You attended a class and passed a test. You did the same as a lot of others. It doesn’t make you an adjuster, even though you have a license. This is where motivation plays a key role. Adjusters play a unique role in making everyone happy. You are both the insured and the insurer’s representative. Both the insured and the insurer require you to make decisions for them. As a business owner, you must manage your expenses and yourself. Understanding the construction of what you adjust is essential. It is necessary to understand policies and be able explain them to insureds. Although it may seem overwhelming, this becomes quite easy as you get more experience.

Here’s the point. One in ten adjusters who receive their licenses go on to become adjusters, I think. All of them send out resumes. However, when it comes to working, only a handful will do it. Why? Everybody has an excuse. You could probably make up some excuses if you needed.

Are you motivated? Although it’s easy to answer “yes”, are you honest? Are your actions proving that you are motivated? Although the life of an insurance adjuster can be very rewarding and financially rewarding, you must be self-motivated to make the most of it. It is always a question of whether those who are willing to start wonder if they can do it. It is true that anyone can do it if they are motivated enough. It has nothing to do the ability to master skills. It all has to do with their willingness to try new things.

Companies will invest in adjusters who give 100% and treat this job as a full-time job, and not as a hobby. It is frustrating for these companies to have so many people on their lists who say they are ready to go, only to find that only 30% actually say yes when it’s necessary. Only 50% of the 30 percent who turn up are actually prepared. These numbers are not real. However, I want you to see that YOU are the only limit. You shouldn’t allow the failures of others or their lack of motivation to affect your decisions. You have the power to decide what opportunities you are offered. You will see why insurance adjusters love what they do.