How to Become Financially Wealthy in the Insurance Industry!

I didn’t know I would be able to make the kind of income I have today when I began my career in insurance sales. You will be able to make a good living if you improve your prospecting and sales skills. However, even then you’re still far from reaching the top of your income potential.

You must be able to leverage your power to achieve income levels that are far above what most agents can dream of. The power of leverage is how MGA’s (IMO’s), FMO’s, FMOs, and NMO’s in this industry make millions each year, rather than thousands like most agents. There are only so many hours in a week to make personal sales. There are many other things you can do with your time, such as family, friends and church. By maximizing your income opportunities by using the efforts of others, you can create “Leverage”. Only then will you be able to free yourself from the limitations of what you can make from your personal sales due to your limited time.

Most agents who become MGA’s or IMO’s have learned and practiced their prospecting and sales skills over time. Then, they take the next step to help other agents learn what they’ve already learned. It can take many years to qualify for MGAs or other marketing contracts for multiple carriers. It can also be costly to start up overhead costs and the required resources.

Imagine if you could have a complete system available that provided all the resources, products, training, and compensation structure you need to do exactly what I’m talking about. Even if you don’t have any MGAs, IMOs, FMOs, or NMO sales contracts, you can create leverage today.

The United Independent Wholesale Insurance Network is a system that allows savvy agents to thrive in this highly lucrative and demanding industry.

This dynamic program is worth your time. I urge you to thoroughly examine it and see for yourself why other agents across the country call it “The Most Powerful Insurance Marketing System Ever Created”.

These are just some of the many reasons that agents across the country are joining the UandIWIN Network.

  • Retirement Security Experienced agents understand that renew income alone won’t guarantee a long-term secure retirement. They know that “Leverage” is the only way to increase income year after year even after retirement.
  • Ownership You have full vesting right from the first day. This means you can own your block and renews, as well as your monthly bonuses from down-line sponsored agents. You can leave the block of business and distribution channel that you have built to your heirs.
  • Product Selection UandIWIN boasts over 40 of the most prominent Insurance Companies in its Portfolio. The product selection is a great benefit to anyone selling Health, Disability Income or Life insurance.
  • Product Training and Sales – Participate in as many of the weekly product and sales training webinars that your schedule permits. There is always something to learn, given the product range.
  • Unique Bonus Programme – You can earn up to six types of bonuses, in addition to your sales commissions. Person Production Bonus. Personal Sales Volume Bonus. Quick Start Bonus. Organizational Volume Bonus. Structural Bonus. Breakaway Bonus.
  • Unique Opportunity– Use Leverage to immediately start building multi-state insurance sales organizations. There are no multi-state licensing fees. Volume credit can be received by your sponsored agents even if they are not writing for the same company.
  • Development Program – Accelerates agent sponsorships and growth of your Quick Start Organizational Volume, Structural Bonuses and Structured Volume.
  • Business Building Tools – Comprehensive Website, UandIWIN Toolbar Life and Health Quote Engines Promotional DVD, Recruiting Brochure Power Point and Flip Chart Presentations Sales, Recruiting and Coaching & Opportunity webinars. Downline Development Program and many more.