How to Create and Generate Your Own Insurance Leads?

Every month, 170 Google searches are made for “insurance lead generator”.

There are many more terms for terms such as “insurance leads” or “life insurance leads”, etc.

Today I’d like to tell you a little about these lead generators for insurance and the people selling them leads.

They are inefficient and expensive.

If you want to get the best quality leads for the lowest price, then your insurance lead generator is the right tool.

You can build a steady, predictable, and sustainable inbound lead stream with your own system.

Today I’m going to explain why you should build your own insurance lead generation system along with some tips for getting started.

Let’s start by looking at the problems that lead buyers from other companies face.

Problem 1: Shared leads

Most lead generation companies for insurance have the problem of selling each lead to multiple agents.

You are competing against many other people to get the buyer’s attention.

Worse, the consumer can become frustrated when multiple agents contact them.

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To start working with only select leads, you will first need your own lead generation system.

Even though they are the most affordable option, shared leads can be “expensive”.

These end up costing you more time and delivering the worst results.

Problem 2: The Price of Exclusive Leads

You might be thinking: Keller, I only want to buy exclusive leads.

Let’s find out how much money you have.

These leads can cost up to $25 per lead, depending on the insurance niche.

These leads are more efficient and will save you time.

These are more costly than the cost of creating them yourself.

You will also generate more leads than the “exclusive leads” you are generating.

This brings me to the next problem: insurance lead generators.

Problem 3: Not engaged with your brand

No matter if the leads are sold only to you or shared by other agents, they almost never engage with your brand.

This is because they haven’t seen your logo or company name, profile pic, or ANYTHING else before you call them.

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This exclusive lead is still cold.

You can create your own insurance lead generator to engage leads with your brand, and you’ll get even more leads.

This is, in fact, the key to generating warm leads other than direct referrals.

Inbound leads through your own branded marketing efforts will be the easiest to work with and highest converting (right after direct referrals).

How to create your insurance lead generator

You can get Leadsurance, and that’s it!

That is just one way.

You can also do it yourself by getting started with our 16 step guide to SEO for insurance agents.

First, we start with premium hosting and data driven web design.

This is your hub. It’s where you convert the majority of your target market to a lead for yourself business.

Once we have a website that is secure and can handle traffic, traffic starts to flow.

You can target traffic by creating branded content that you share on social media.

This article shares some tips on branded content that will help you. Also, checkout these social media tips for insurance companies.

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These articles will help to generate traffic.

Although it will take time to build traffic, you will begin to see results in a few months.

To convert as much traffic to leads from incoming traffic, your website must have an instant quoting system.

We use our proprietary chatbot that we built to help visitors get an insurance quote.

There are many other options. There are many other options. Just ensure that yours is easy to use, engaging, and provides a quote quickly.

This should not be expected to be an easy process.

If your current insurance company is paying you for lead generation services, you should allow 12 months for you to transition to your lead gen platform.

So, keep buying leads but ween off of them investing more into your own lead gen system over time.

You should have enough traffic to replace the previous year’s spend by the end of one year.

This will vary depending on the market and your agency.

These are the general guidelines that we see our clients following with success.

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Time to build your insurance lead generator

You can schedule a demo to view our unique insurance lead generation platform, or create your own.

You can follow my example and you will find more helpful information on our blog.

Get started today building your insurance lead generator.

Start by asking me questions in the comments or telling me how to get started.

Selling insurance can be difficult. You need to keep getting new leads. You need to have those leads quickly if you want to keep up with your competition. Insurance agents sometimes resort to buying leads. However, if you’re savvy in marketing and lead generation you will know that buying leads can be fatal.

People are increasingly turning to autopilot to book leads. It’s more cost-effective, efficient, and will result in more clients. Here we teach you how to set your lead generation on auto pilot.

How to generate your own insurance leads

Your insurance business needs leads. Agents should be focusing on marketing that generates leads. This can be done in many ways: via your website, using SEO, using Facebook and Twitter. LinkedIn marketing is the best option, but let’s first discuss why LinkedIn is better for lead generation.

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Your website can be a great place to start building your own exclusive lead pipeline. It cannot be used to generate leads unless you’re an experienced agent who has a lot of traffic.

SEO is a great way to get leads. SEO is a free way to generate leads. All you need to do is optimize the content with relevant keywords in order for your website rank higher in search results. Although this method is effective in driving traffic to your site, it can take a while to see results as everyone is using it. SEO is not a magic bullet that will guarantee you the results you desire.

SEO is a good tool, but it shouldn’t be your only source of leads.

While Twitter and Facebook can be used for leads generation, these social media sites are more focused upon the socializing aspect. LinkedIn is the best option for generating leads.

Why agents and brokers are flocking to LinkedIn

LinkedIn has a large user base, similar to Twitter and Facebook. However, LinkedIn is geared towards professionals. LinkedIn is full of prospects, leads, and potential clients who are eager to do business.

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LinkedIn is the largest professional platform online and more brokers and agents are realizing its potential to generate leads. You’re missing out if you don’t use it to find leads.

How to sell on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the place to be for all your SEO efforts and website maintenance. It is the best place to get more traffic to your site. Post high-quality content to LinkedIn and add value. Share the article on your website and the link to your LinkedIn profile.

This will drive more visitors to your site and establish you as an authority as an agent. You will be seen as an expert in your field. You will gain trust from prospects.

LinkedIn makes it easy to find prospects. LinkedIn can be used to build your network and connect with more people. You can also ask for referrals and business from people you meet. In no time you will build your empire.

To fine tune your LinkedIn outreach, use Kennected. Kennected is an automation tool that uses LinkedIn’s data-rich filters. It helps you identify your ideal targets. This is where you put your lead generation on autopilot.

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You will get leads if you have a website and a LinkedIn profile. To speed things up, you can use Kennected’s personal messages and follow-ups to reach the most qualified leads.

Kennected will get you in front of your ideal clients using laser accurate data, and then help you connect with them. Each Kennected campaign is customized to meet the needs of each customer. To learn more about Kennected, book a demo today.