How to Experience a New Reality By Opening Your Heart

Gurus, shamans, and spiritual leaders all use the phrase “Open your Heart” quite often. What does it really mean to “open your heart?” The majority of people think with their egos, which is a result of operating from fear, sexual desire or power choices. These response systems are not accidental. They relate to the person’s first, second and third bodily chakras.

The majority of people spend their entire lives functioning in the lower three chakras, rather than expanding their hearts and beyond. Imagine a large auditorium filled with rows and levels of seats. To see and hear a play, the best place in an auditorium is towards the front. The way you experience life will depend on the chakra (or auditorium seat) you choose to live in.

Open your heart means to open your heart to unconditional love. This self-love is not dependent on approval or worldly achievements. You can open your physical heart by opening your chakra heart. This allows love to flow through your body and brain into the whole world. Living authentically is it.

Many people believe that they feel genuine love when they are in a relationship or in love. While this may be true for some, the vast majority of people operate from a conditional love. You are in a conditional relationship if you love to get love.

How can a person open up their heart? Meditation is one proven method to open your heart. However, it requires discipline and commitment to time. Golden DNA Activation, which is a self-actualizing and effective method to open the heart, is quick and easy. It can also be used over time.

You will feel extreme joy when you open your heart to Golden DNA Activation. You will feel closer to Source/God, and your Higher Self. This joy will lead to a greater sense of self-compassion. You can activate your sixth chakra by DNA activation to open your third eye. Your heart will open up to a compassionate perspective, allowing you to forgive yourself and others for past pain and suffering.

Self-compassion can be the best way to heal inner violence against oneself and others. Your body will become more light-filled when you are able to forgive and see more. Joy clears away old blocks and issues in the heart. This creates space for light.

What is DNA activation? The DNA Activation process is something that most people know from high school. It involves activating the DNA’s double helix, which has 46 chromosomes. The DNA template is what lies behind physical DNA. The DNA template, or energetic blueprint, contains 10 additional etheric strands. These strands have been called “junk” and are inactive at the moment. Science has yet not discovered the multidimensional nature of DNA. The junk DNA is just dormant, waiting to be activated.

What happens if we activate the 97% unplugged and inactive information? Frequency controls everything in life. Your DNA activation determines the frequency at which you oscillate. A low frequency can bring conflict, limitation, stress, and even death. You attract new people, places and jobs by increasing your frequency. This is a new opportunity. You no longer manifest chaos.

A frequency is the frequency of an open heart.

You may have heard of The Secret which describes the law that governs how we attract things to our lives. Your ability to manifest your desires becomes faster and easier when you allow your heart to open. The joy of living your life becomes a rocket launcher for all your goals, ideas, and desires. You will receive the manifestations you want. You can experience a new reality.

Golden DNA Activation can open your heart and bring joy to your life. It will also open doors to new possibilities. Golden DNA Activation can help humanity to raise its consciousness towards peace.