How To File An Insurance Claim With The US Postal Service

You can file an insurance claim with the U.S. if your shipment is damaged or lost that was covered by postal insurance. Postal Service. Make sure that your package is insured with the USPS before you file a claim. You must make claims to the private company that you have it insured.

Two ways to purchase insurance

The U.S. can insure your package. You can either purchase insurance online or at a post office to insure your package during shipping. You can file a claim in either case to get the value of items lost or damaged during transit.

Who will make the claim

Two situations can occur when a package gets lost or damaged.

  • The buyer or seller can claim if the package arrives damaged or with missing contents.
  • The buyer must file a claim with USPS if the package is lost completely and does not show up within 30 days.


Locate the article number associated with your package. Online filing is possible, or you can go to your local post office to get the PS Form 1000. This form can also be downloaded from

Online Filing – Online filing is convenient and takes less time. Log on to, search claims. The link will take you to the claim form. You can sign up for an account at USPS. You will need to create an account if you don’t already have one.

Once you have entered the article number, fill out the online form. You must upload the supporting documents mentioned above.

Online filing has the advantage that you can easily track the status of your claims. It will also give you an estimate of when the claim amount will be delivered.

Filling out the Form: You can also obtain the PS Form 1000 to file a claim. After you have filled out all the information required, you will need to provide proof of insurance or other backup information. It can be sent to the address on the form or it can be submitted at the post office with all required evidence. The form has a toll-free number that allows you to track the status of your claim.

Documents Requirement To Filing Insurance Claims

Evidence of Value of The Shipped Item To make an insurance claim, you must produce evidence proving the item’s value. Below are some of the documents that USPS accepts as evidence of the value of the shipped item.

  • Receipt of sales for the item in question
  • Copie of your money order receipt
  • A letter from the seller stating the item’s value
  • Description or photo of an item similar from a catalogue
  • Please describe the item and provide details.

Proof of Insurance: In the event of a claim for damages, either one of these documents can be presented as proof of insurance:

  • Mailing receipt The original mailing receipt that was stamped at the Post Office when the item was submitted to shipping is required.
  • The original box or carton containing the items must be kept. It should include the addresses of the sender as well as the recipient. You will find various stamps and tags from the post office on the box, which prove that the package is insured.

The insurance claim could be limited to $100 if the original receipt is not provided. It is best to keep the original receipt in order to receive the package.

Claims for Cost of Repair: You must obtain a quote from an authorized repair shop or person if you want to claim the cost of repairing the item damaged in shipping.

Remember that claims must be submitted within a specified timeframe, which can vary depending on the type of USPS service used.