How to Find Auto Insurance in Texas Cheap

Texas requires all drivers to have car insurance. Knowing the requirements in Texas is an important step towards finding the best deal.

State Requirements

Texas’ Bodily Injury Liability requirements are $20,000 per person and $40,000 for everyone who is injured in an accident. Property Damage coverage is required to be at least $15,000. This insurance coverage is called 20/40/15.

Many accidents result in damages that exceed the Texas minimums. There are good reasons to increase your Texas liability coverage up to 100/300/100.

Car Insurance in Texas is a Serious Business

Texas motor vehicle accidents result in approximately 3,700 deaths annually. Nearly 55% of fatalities are caused by road departures. 18% happen at intersections. 13% involve collisions with large trucks. 12% involve non-motorist (pedestrians or cyclists) deaths. 40 percent of those 3,700 deaths are caused by passenger cars, while 36% involve passengers in light trucks.

These casualties can have severe legal consequences if you’re not properly insured. So make sure to review your insurance coverage.

Optional insurance to consider

If you are the one at fault for an accident, your liability coverage will not cover the costs of repairs or medical expenses. You should consider additional insurance coverage, such as the following.

* Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage will take care of your medical expenses and vehicle damage when the driver that caused the accident is uninsured. It also covers lost wages.

Uninsured drivers are often more difficult to recover damages. Although it may not be necessary in Texas, this coverage is very affordable and will save you the time and hassle of collecting the damages.

* Personal Injuries Protection (PIP) will pay for your medical expenses and the costs of any people you have brought along, regardless of fault.

* Collision coverage will cover repairs or replacement of your vehicle if you are liable.

Comprehensive will cover damage to your vehicle that is not caused by collision, such as vandalism or storm damage, theft, and other incidents.

Comparing Quotations

Comparing multiple quotes on features and pricing is the best way to find the best deal. You can also use free comparison websites such as Quote Wizard and 2Insure4Less. These websites are easy to use and will provide you with up to four quotes from companies that are qualified to do business within your state.

Texas joins California to Offer Discounts on Hybrid Vehicles

Texas is a great place to be an early adopter and friend of the environment. This includes hybrid car and boat owners.

Texas drivers can now get discounts on their car insurance if they drive a hybrid vehicle or another vehicle that uses alternative fuel. This discount is 10% on average and applies to all coverages, except uninsured motorist and PIP.

Get Other Discounts

Responsible driving will help you avoid tickets and accidents as well as get lower auto insurance. Most companies offer discounts up to 25% if you don’t have any traffic violations or accidents in the last five years.

Many insurers offer a discount of 5-10% to members who are part of certain organizations. Here are some organizations that usually qualify:

  • Accountants
  • Credit unions
  • Doctors and nurses
  • Educators
  • Engineers
  • Financial Analysts
  • Lawyers
  • Military
  • School Alumni
  • Scientists
  • Students

Ask your insurance company if you are a member of groups like these to see if they have a discount program for your organization.

If your vehicle is equipped with anti-theft or safety features, you may be eligible for discounts. Low-mileage drivers and policy holders with multi-vehicle policies are often eligible for discounts.

Reviewing your policy annually and comparing rates with other insurance companies will help you save money. This is where the 2Insure4Less and Quote Wizard websites come in handy.