How to Find Cheap Student Car Insurance For Males


Parents may find it difficult to get the best car insurance rates for college and high school students. For males younger than 25, student car insurance rates may be prohibitive.

Although not all insurance companies offer lower rates for those in this age bracket, it is possible to save quite some money if you do your research and shop around.

While shopping around, especially online, can be helpful, there are other steps you should take before asking insurance companies for a quote for your student driver.

Get the Best Car for Less.

Actuaries are statisticians who work for insurance companies. They gather data about car accidents in the local area.

This data is used to identify the risk factors for people at certain ages. On average, younger drivers are more likely to be involved in accidents than older, more experienced drivers. They are also more likely to be in an accident with certain types of cars.

A younger student driver will pay more for a sporty car like a coupe or two-door with a stickshift of a particular model.

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This is because statistically, a four-door sedan is more likely to be involved in an accident than a four-door sedan. A large sedan might have higher accident rates due to their more frequent use in street races.

To determine the best car for a student driver, get quotes from at least three insurance companies to find out what their rates are for that model of car. Your rates will be higher if you purchase a sporty vehicle. This is because these cars are more likely to be in an accident.

You can find an older car in good condition

An excellent way to save hundreds on your insurance is to buy an older car for your college student or teenage. You can save money by purchasing a reliable, good-quality car that you can afford.

You can give your student driver an older car if you have one. Older cars are cheaper to insure, and you will only need liability coverage to meet state insurance requirements.

Your insurance company may not pay for repairs if your car is in an accident. However, it might be cheaper to repair the damage yourself or to replace the car than to purchase full coverage insurance to cover a newer model.

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Your student driver may be at fault if the accident results in personal injury or damages to their car. Although your student might not be excited about the prospect of purchasing a hand-me-down family sedan it is a smart financial decision and should be seriously considered.

You may not need a car as a student at college

Our son lived on campus while he was in college. Everything he needed was right there. He didn’t need a car for his freshman year. He did fine without it. It not only saved us tons of money on insurance, but also gas and car maintenance.

Your college student may not have a car while at college. Let your insurance company know so they can adjust your rates to allow the student to drive home during breaks. Student car insurance rates will be significantly lower.