How to Get Affordable Car Insurance in South Carolina


Practically every South Carolina driver dreams of affordable car insurance. Guess what? Follow these tips and your dream may come true!

Let’s begin with the basics. Your car. You may not be aware of the fact that certain cars are more expensive to insure than others. It is a good idea to speak with your agent about car insurance to get a list of cars that are the most affordable to insure.

Your driving record is the biggest determinant of your ability to find affordable car insurance in South Carolina. There is a good chance we can save you a lot of money each month if your driving record is clean. We will not be able to find the best rates for you if your record includes speeding tickets, moving violations, DUI convictions, or DWI convictions.

There are some things that almost everyone can do to save money on their car insurance.

Can you garage your car at night? Is your car insurance agent aware of the fact that you keep your car in a garage at night, if so, This could help you save money every month by making your agent aware.

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You could carpool to work. Your monthly insurance premium will drop if you don’t drive to work every day. You can save money by not driving to and from work if you’ve recently quit working.

Are you able to reduce the miles you drive each year? Many people now use public transport as their “second” car and are able to keep their car as clean as possible. You may qualify for a low mileage discount on your insurance if you reduce your driving distance to less than 500 miles per month.

Are you a member of any clubs, organizations, or groups that offer group car insurance? It is possible that you are a member of such a group, but not be aware. Some religious groups offer discounts for their members. Ask around.

A simple anti-theft device can help you save money each month. Ask your agent about discounts for purchasing and using a steering-wheel locking device, or a simple electronic device that disables the fuel pump unless you enter a code.

Students below 25 years old can receive a 5% discount for good students if they have a B average.

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If they pass a special refresher course for drivers aged 55+, they can save 10% This discount is not available at all insurance companies, so check with your agent to see if they offer it.

Do not file insignificant claims. You will be paying less for insurance if you wait to file a claim against your auto insurance company. Some companies offer rewards as soon as six months go by without filing a claim.

How about your deductible. This is a complicated issue because the higher your monthly insurance payments, the lower your deductible. However, the more money you pay when you file a claim, the higher your deduction.

It’s now time to use the information you have read and to find at least three websites that allow you to compare prices for car insurance from different insurance companies. It is important to enter the exact same information on each website. This will allow you to compare the exact same policy across all three sites.

It’s that easy. You just need to select the lowest price, and that’s it! You now know how to save money on car insurance in South Carolina.

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