How to Get or Replace Your Medicare Card

When you sign up, your card will be sent to you automatically. If your card is damaged or lost, here’s how you can get one replaced.

You can request a Medicare card online or by telephone if you need it. You don’t need to be averse to getting and paying for healthcare, no matter if you are enrolling for Medicare the first time, or replacing a damaged, lost or stolen card.

It includes your name, Medicare number, and, if you are an Original Medicare beneficiary it will also show whether you have Part A (hospital coverage), or Part B (medical insurance) or both. This card will be used to access your Medicare-covered services. You will receive a card from your provider if you have a Medicare Advantage Plan, Part D prescription drug plan or Medicare Advantage Plan.

Your card will be mailed to you if you have signed up for Medicare and Social Security.

If you’re already receiving Social Security benefits as your 65th birthday approaches, you’ll automatically be enrolled in Medicare, and your card will be sent by mail to you.

Otherwise, soon after you sign up for Medicare, you’ll be mailed a “Welcome to Medicare” package that will include your card.

Replacing a damaged, stolen, or lost Medicare card

There are several ways to replace your Medicare card if you lose it or can’t locate it. You can get a replacement almost instantly by logging in to your secure account on to print an official copy of your card at home, at a public library or wherever you have secure access to a printer. You can log in to or create your online account on

You can also call Medicare at 800 633-4227 and request a replacement card by mail. To request a replacement card, you can also call your local Social Security office or visit it. These agencies have a downside. It will take approximately 30 days to receive your card.

If you are at a medical facility, and you realize that you don’t have your Medicare card, you can ask them to search online for it. You can also make a duplicate of your Medicare card, and keep it in a safe place.

Medicare Advantage enrollees get a separate card

If you have Medicare Advantage, you’ll need your plan’s card to receive services. After you sign up, your card will be sent to you by mail. Call your provider if you need to exchange it. Likewise, if you need a card for your prescription drug plan (Medicare Part D), contact your provider.

Keep your Medicare card and Medicare number safe in all cases. Medicare fraud is a serious problem. It will be an inconvenience if your number or card is stolen. To report someone using your Medicare number, please call 800 633-4227.