How to Make an Investment System That Earns More Than 100% Per Day?

You can then add additional filters and conditions. You can add additional conditions, such as an average test or indicators. The complexity of the calculations will not matter if your program is written on a computer. Even a microprocessor can still produce results in fractions of a second.

You can also select the most appropriate parameters for your functions by using historical data. What average periods were the most successful? What was the ROC and Momentum that gave you the highest profit? Just click on the button and turn on optimization. Ready. You can use your ideal system to dominate the stock market. You will be able to take over the entire world’s finances if you include compound interest.

You already know I am a fraud.

Listen to a certain curiosity.

This article is available online. I presume you are familiar with the JPG format. It saves photos. It is the best camera on the internet (for photography) and has many users. Imagine a photo, which is a large number of colors, being saved as a collection of cosine functions. Simply put, it uses the division into sectors and the so-called cosine transforms. It uses the division of sectors and so-called cosine transformations. However, it does not rely on the mathematical basis. It must be easy.

Imagine that your aunt, you and the entire family are able to be described using a number of cosine activities. The table, flowers, and the entire dinner are all cosine functions. Fantastic, isn’t it?

Now compare the information and complexity of a high resolution photo to a stock market chart.

It’s much easier to trade stocks!

There is no color scale. The price is all that matters. This number of points is not possible. A 12 megapixel picture would be equivalent to WIG20 minutes data over a period of 92+ years.

Do you see how it is possible to describe a market so that the system maps it almost exactly? This system is likely to start generating huge losses right away.

Analyzing charts is meant to predict the future using what was already present. This is, naturally, a search to find patterns. This is about reducing the stock market to statistics. The stock market is the emotions and reactions people have. They can be repetitive to a certain extent. They are only a generalization. Because of the many variables in real life, it is impossible to predict the behavior with absolute precision.

When you create a system

It is very inspiring to see his success. This is what makes a great investor. It is possible to optimize certain ratios.

He should not have too many of them. Amibroker allows you to optimize up 10 parameters. This is an exaggeration. A system should only have one or two parameters. Depending on their purpose, three to four parameters are acceptable. Five or more seems excessive to me. Ask yourself these questions. Are you looking for a market or a system?

What about the loss from the introduction? They are unavoidable. What is your Draw Down %? How deep they are is more important than their depth. Is this acceptable for you?

You should remember that the system is at its best when it has no losses. You should look for a functioning machine and not a photograph.