How to Optimize Insurance Agency Video for Effective Insurance Agency Web Marketing

The web-centric approach to insurance agency marketing is changing rapidly. Many agencies have developed more interactive, professional and attractive websites for their insurance agencies and are now trying to take advantage of social media marketing opportunities. To maximize web marketing effectiveness, insurance agency web marketing campaigns should include web-based videos. It is crucial that brokers and agencies incorporate insurance web video into their strategies. This will ensure maximum effectiveness. These are the steps:

Add short video vignettes to your website – This is an important first step that must be taken seriously and executed correctly. A Video tab or page should be created on your website. This will allow you to post all video content and create a content library. The website homepage should feature video. You can do this by prominently posting a video to the website home page. To maximize website traffic and stickiness, an agency or broker must optimize their website placement. It is important that your website video is easily accessible to everyone visiting your site.

Upload Your Video to YouTube –YouTube has been elevated to a top spot in web marketing. YouTube is currently viewed by more people than YouTube. YouTube users stay on the site for longer periods of time than Google or Facebook. This gives agencies the opportunity to share their expertise with prospects and clients over an easy-to-use medium. It takes only a few minutes to post a YouTube video of an insurance agency. The devil is in details. If you want your video to be seen, you need to make sure that your search keywords are included in your title and tags. This assumes that the agency has done extensive keyword research using Google AdWords, or another fee-based option. You can also consider transcribing your entire video to maximize SEO impact.

Upload Your Video to Your Website – Insurance agency marketing videos should also be posted to a blog. A blog is a great way to start a blog. This is also a good reason to have one. You can copy the embedding code from YouTube if your blog is located at It is very easy to create a video blog post. This must again be property titled and tagged before distribution. It may seem redundant to post videos to both your blog and your video page to agents who have a blog. Here’s why you should do both. Your blog entries will be automatically sent to your subscribers. This gives search engines another chance to discover your dynamic content and improve your SEO standings. This will alert your prospects and clients about your new video content and increase traffic to your website.

These are the steps to optimize your insurance agency’s web video strategy. This will result in positive web marketing in many important ways. Website video can help increase website stickiness and provide a modern look and feel. It also offers social media marketing opportunities, better SEO, and blogging and vlogging. Each agent, producer, executive, and owner should seriously consider optimizing their website video potential.