How to Sell Insurance Instead of Quotes


Insurance sales managers often have their reps calling after another to try and get appointments. It can be difficult to ask people if they would like to purchase more insurance. Few people will say yes to this question. The insurance sales manager will tell you that more appointments will lead to more sales. To get leads, you are taught the “magic trick of the trade”. Ask the person calling you for a quote. The more direct approach to asking for quotes is more likely to get a yes answer.


Many companies that sell leads to agents for insurance use the same approach. They can use emailing, telephone calling and television commercials. They compare rates. Take a moment to think about the person who visits an internet site looking for a low-cost quote on insurance. They are shoppers. They use side ads and the internet search engines to request quotes from as many companies as possible. These are exclusive leads for the companies selling you leads via the internet. (Even though there are a dozen identical exclusive leads, they still exist).

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Time is worth between $15.00 and $20.00 per hour. Selling is often neglected because so much of the time spent on obtaining leads is lost. In their first year of life or health insurance sales, the average income is $24,000 to $32,000. Because there is rarely any reimbursement from the company for expenses, this amount is often reduced by 25% to 30%. It is easy to quickly rack up expenses for fuel, car maintenance, clothes, lunches, leads, and gas. It is important to understand the difference between an income tax write-off and your own business expenses.


Either you can spend hours attempting to get leads or you can buy them from an online lead company. These prospects are searching for quotes. These prospects are buyers, not shoppers. According to the story, the sale is won by the first agent who gets the appointment. WRONG.

One of these prospects may decide to buy after a few presentations. Sometimes it’s you. They buy based on price. These buyers might be willing to pay a higher price next year. You are being controlled even if you believe you are successful. They purchased your lowest-cost policy where you earn the lowest commissions.

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Take a look at your costs. Let’s assume that the lead company charged $30 per exclusive lead or that you spent at least two hours calling to acquire it. Add $10 for gas and car costs. Don’t forget to add $30 for the time spent driving and the 2 hour appointment time. It still adds up at $40.00 even if you don’t drive. You earn 60% commission on a $30 monthly life insurance plan. Your total expenses for 5 sales attempts at $40 is $200.00. Your sales commission equals $216.00


For each prospecting appointment you made by phone, you would spend 3 hours and for 10 you would need to work 30 hours. After expenses, 50 hours of prospecting and appointment work earns you $32.00. The internet exclusive lead program would have eliminated prospecting. Your sales now only go to four per week. You sound like a pro when you sell premiums at $1,512 per week and premiums at $78,624 annually. Now, subtract all expenses from the numbers. It is better to work for minimum wage.

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Never again make an appointment if a prospect asks for a quote. These leads are for misguided losers. These representatives are already part of the life and health insurance industry. They are brainwashing people to believe that they can keep you on a sinking ship. JUMP OFF NOW! Only talk to prospects who have a wound that you can open and close to where your product will meet the need.

These prospects have faith in your product and are willing to pay a premium for it. Insurance agents who are experienced often present two plans to their clients, one that has fewer benefits and one with more benefits. The majority of sales results in clients choosing the plan that is the most expensive but offers the greatest benefits. Imagine the changes you can make. You can make a big difference in your career by eliminating prospecting, learning flexible presentations, not giving quotes and working with the right prospects.

Now you can work up to 40 hours per week and increase your closing ratio by 50%. You can see 12 prospects and sell 6 plans, which average $700 per year. In addition to the 65% commission, you also get 65% commission. Check out the results. Six sales will be made each worth $455. You can make a huge $2,070 per week if you get better quality leads for $45 each and $10 per appointment for gas. This is the income of an insurance star, even if you don’t sell sophisticated estate planning services. This simply means you have risen from the bottom 45% to the top 10%.

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Telephone solicitation is prohibited. There are two options. You have two options. The first is to create a highly detailed prospect list. This will allow you to know enough about your prospects to match their insurance products. You can then create a compelling postcard sales message. This is a common task that many internet articles can help you with. It is important to send it BULK MAIL. Each qualified response costs between $35.00 and $50.00.

Another option is to get an online lead from a reputable company. To verify the quality and integrity of the company, you may need to test several sources. These high-earning insurance agents earn between $35.00 and $60.00 per lead. Never buy low-quality leads