How To Use Article Marketing To Advertise Your Insurance Agency And Sell More Insurance Online

It might be tempting to just sit down, type, and forget about your insurance topic. You can’t just sit down and type, you need to think! You will be able to write a more specific and search engine-friendly article before you start writing that masterpiece of PAP information.

Know your audience

Who is going to read your article? Which internet user is most likely to search for your topic? If your article is about cheap insurance for teenager drivers, the audience will be parents who have just received their first billing notice after adding their 16 year old driver to their policy. Your audience can be anyone, regardless of age, if you write an article about saving money on car insurance. The language you use will depend on who is reading it. Also, remember that your readers are not insurance agents. They’re consumers searching for information about this topic.

Create an article that anyone can understand

No kidding. Consumers are not experienced with insurance terms such as deductibles, other-than-collision, UM/UIM, named non-owner, extended non-owned or symbol 7, 8 and 9. Agents have jobs because of this. Your article should be written from the perspective of your reader. Also, explain coverages from an outsider’s point of view. Use descriptive scenarios to place the reader in the actual scenario where coverage might apply. This is one of the best ways to explain coverages.

Select your topic and stick with it

Split up multiple topics or coverages in your article. Your article will be more successful in attracting search engine traffic if it focuses on one topic. Use one or two key phrases, such as “car insurance coverage deductibles” and “rental car insurance”, to anchor your article. Include them in the title of your article.

Use a common outline

Write a summary of your article before you start writing. You want them to WANT to read the whole article. Start your article by saying, “Car insurance can seem expensive, but these steps will allow you to get every discount.” This lead-in encourages readers to continue reading and leads them to your agency’s resource box. The summary should contain the main points of the article. It should be written in a logical way. Encourage them to continue reading to find the best money-saving tip or similar.

End the article by writing a short paragraph that summarizes the main points. This means that you should place your key words or phrases. Include a description resource box to encourage readers to click through your agency website. This does not mean that Joe Agent is a property/casualty agency with…blah…snore. Visitors can give a call to action such as “Save up 30% on your car insurance by contacting XYZ agent today!” Joe Agent will quote your car insurance. This grabs people’s attention, and drives more traffic to your insurance agency website. This is why insurance articles are written to promote your agency website and increase sales online.


Your insurance articles will be more successful if you define your audience, write in layman’s terms and stick to the topic. This will help attract people to your agency’s virtual front door. Article marketing is an excellent way to market your insurance agency online, sell more insurance online, and gain links to your site.