Hypnotize Direct Mail Prospects With Descriptive Words

Although it is important to say the right things in your insurance marketing piece, words can have little emotional impact. A few descriptive words in a well-written phrase can be enough to entice your prospects into positive thoughts about your products. To put your client to sleep, you aren’t using repetition. Choose descriptive words that he can accept almost as easily. This is how a buying desire occurs.

The client is always able to see the results of this amazing journey to the heart of the mind. Direct marketing pieces that include descriptive word phrases will force the client to continue reading. Even if the client is not looking for it initially, this happens. The increased use of descriptive words and phrase phrases can cause your headline to flash like a neon sign.

Television preachers know how to draw large numbers of listeners. A sermon is spiced up with lots of descriptive words phrases. Sometimes, they can raise the fever pitch to such an extent that listeners are literally thrown off their feet. A preacher will not convert people. He must continue to use descriptive words to keep people stimulated at a high fever pitch. He understands how important it is to get adrenaline pumping. He then gets his customers to buy or donate his latest book. An excellent salesman indeed!

You don’t have the chance to reach hot prospects as an insurance direct mail marketer. Your client does not exist yet if you are looking at them eyeball to eyeball. You can enhance the minds of your direct marketing prospects by using descriptive words, just as a TV evangelist. Your words should keep prospects on the right path, preventing them from suffering any negative consequences and improving their lives. Your personal direct market salesman is a description word, or phrase of words. Your word salesman should leap at your prospect and jump through every hoops until they accept your irresistible offer.

Below is a list of key descriptive words that have been rated explosive. These phrases may be used, or you could use them to inspire you to create your own killer phrase. Print this article after you have read the entire list. You will be able to quickly note additional word phrases, as your brain starts quickly to jot down phrases.

This is the first group. This is the first group.

There are many things you want, and here they are. Experience the Thrill is exclusive territory, extensive research, experts, exempted from competition, expands your vision, explodes the sales chart, exclusively yours. Explode your neighborhood, expose the secrets. Extra! Extra! Get extras for no cost, extraordinary benefits, exploration of new territory, face-to-face, fair and balanced. Feel independent. Fill the gaps faster than lightening. You’ll feel like a superman.