Illinois Car Insurance Overview


Illinois is among the states that have chosen to not implement no fault legislation. It is difficult to determine whether an individual can claim medical expenses or income loss if they are partially or whole at fault for an accident. This can be done by knowing the details of the insurance policies that were held by those involved.

There are two types of coverage for car insurance. First party coverage covers you and your personal property. It covers medical expenses, damages to your vehicle, legal fees to defend an action, and costs associated with defending an action against another driver. Third-party coverage protects you from injuries caused by you. The insurance policy determines the amount of coverage an owner of a car has for both first and third parties in Illinois.

The State of Illinois has established minimum insurance coverages that car owners must have. Personal injuries for one person must be at least $20,000.00, and personal injuries for more than one person must be at least $40,000.00. A minimum $15,000.00 coverage for property damage is required. These minimum limits are not sufficient to protect the majority of people in today’s society. These limits can be increased by purchasing car insurance. The first is $100,000 per person who sustains personal injury up to a maximum $300,000. If more than one person is injured in a car accident, the second is $300,000. Per person, $300,000. Up to $500,000 for more than one person.

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A car owner might also want to consider buying medical payments coverage. Illinois is not like other jurisdictions that require certain coverage for medical payments. It is a type of insurance that covers medical payment. This coverage is also known as “personal injury protection” (or “PIP”) protection. If this type of coverage is purchased, the insurance policy will indicate the maximum amount that the insurer will pay.

There are many types of insurance coverage available, but two will be most relevant to someone who has been in an accident and sustained personal injuries. These benefits are for uninsured or under-insured motorists. Despite Illinois mandating minimum insurance coverage, many drivers drive without insurance or have insufficient insurance to cover their negligence. These types of insurance coverage cover you in the event that a negligent driver causes an accident in which you are injured or is without sufficient insurance. Illinois law provides that uninsured coverage is automatically available to anyone who has insurance coverage, unless they have signed a form called a UM waver Form.

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This brief summary shows that the terms of each car insurance policy, whether it is owned by the driver or the owner of the car involved in an accident, will determine how much compensation a person with personal injuries can receive. Although it may seem like a simple and straightforward language to most people, legal interpretations can be complex. Every person who is injured in a car accident will have their own problems. It is difficult to give any advice or hard-and-fast rules on how to proceed. However, one thing is certain. Legal actions must be initiated within a certain time limit. You may have to fill out forms and file claims with your insurer within a certain time frame. As soon as you are involved in a car accident, it is best to contact an Illinois car accident lawyer immediately. A car accident personal injury lawyer will usually give you a free consultation. You can take advantage of this service to protect your rights. Contact Injury Alliance to get the help that you need.

This article is not meant to be a complete or comprehensive summary of Illinois law. It is also not meant to be used as legal advice. A qualified and licensed personal injury lawyer can provide legal advice. This article is a summary of points that may be of interest to anyone, especially those who have been in an accident that resulted in personal injury. The Injury Alliance can help you locate a local qualified personal injury lawyer. The first consultation, whether it is by phone or in person, is free. We recommend that you find an attorney who is experienced in handling car accident claims even if you don’t choose to use the Injury Alliance. Many attorneys who specialize in car accident cases will offer a free consultation.

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